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We are providing the best

A very few companies in India possess the deep industry knowledge and client satisfaction abilities and SUGNAMETALS LTD. is one amongst of them.

Sugna Metals Ltd., was floated by the Agarwal Family who are highly experienced in the steels since 1980 under the able leadership of the dynamic Director, Mr. Bharat Kumar Agarwal and under his guidance and leadership it started its operations in 2008 at Pargi Village (near Hyderabad) Vikarabad District, Telangana, by putting up its first unit of the induction furnace of 25 metric ton capacity with 2 stands of Con-Cast to produce the best quality M.S. Billets.

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ABOUT PLANT - SUGNA METALS LTD have the largest & Integrated Steel Plant in South India.



SUGNA METALS LTD have Windmill in Telangana and in future the capacity will be increased by 5 TO 6 times by renewable energy source.


SUGNA METALS LTD is committed to Green energy so we're also using Solar power to meet some of our power requirements.

Stronger than the Strongest TMT

Sugna TMT is used extensively in order to strengthen and hold the concrete in compression. Concrete is strong under compression, but has weak tensile strength. Sugna TMT significantly increases the tensile strength of the structure.

Why Sugna TMT is Superior

We are providing the best

Sugna Metals Ltd. is certified by IS:1786 & ISO 9001-2015. Sugna TMT Fe 550D is made by 100% billets and chemical composition with carbon, Sulphur and phosphorous are well in control as per IS:1786 specifications.
An inseparable bonding takes place between Sugna TMT bars and its surrounding concrete. This is due to the specially designed rib pattern of Sugna TMT Bars.
The tough outer surface and the soft core of Sugna TMT bar make the bar bendable and ideal for construction. As per the specification of IS : 1786 for bending around much smaller mandrels, an unbreakable advantage at construction sites.
Sugna TMT bars have low carbon content which gives it superior weldability. No pre-warming and post welding is required in manual arc welding.
Sugna TMT is guaranteed for not being heavy & comes with a section weight that is lower than the normal.
The soft ferrite-pearlite core of Sugna TMT bars enables them to bear dynamic & seismic loading.
Sugna TMT conform to IS:1786 specification which result in excellent ductibility, hight bending capability and a superior welding strengths.
Chemistry IS:1786/1985 SUGNA TMT
Carbon (Max %) 0.30 0.12-0.25
Manganese (%) 0.5-1.2 0.5-1
Sulphur & Phosphorous As per IS:1786/1985 As per IS :1786/1985
Sugna TMT Bar possess a combination of strength and ductility in excess of the minimum limits specified by IS:1786. These superior values of strength and ductility represent higher level of safety.

This is not about creating a giant. Its about creating the sustanability of the steel insustry

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