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TMT Bar Vs Normal Steel Bar : Here are 5 Main Differences

TMT steel bars or any normal steel bars are a goon to our world. Without these bars, we wouldn't be staying in our dream houses or any other building structure. With the help of cement, these are used while constructing the building which makes them even stronger than before. These steel bars are not only used in building ho

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Lower Construction Cost By Using TMT Bars

We all want our dream houses to be big, modernized, and fancy compared to others and also reduce cost consumption while building the structure. The aim of building a strong and durable house is quite common among all of us. To make this happen there are a variety of materials that can be used in the construction and TMT bars are one among them. Read more


500D Or 500 TMT: Which Is Better?

Houses built with the strongest metals that cannot be damaged easily are very rare. These kinds of dream houses exist only when one uses TMT bars during construction. They are known for their robust nature and flexibility. Houses built by TMT bars can guarantee you not only strength but various other factors. One must wonder

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Things to know about TMT rebars

Compromising the strength of the TMT bars will prove to be detrimental to the quality of the building. TMT bars withstand the weight of the load they carry. Hence, it is used in the city development projects such as bridges, highway construction, dams, towers, etc.  It bears the burden of heavy-weight structures and also th

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Things to check before buying TMT bars in Hyderabad

Are you that builder with an excellent building plan in hand but searching for the best material for your building?  Constructing a tall standing structure that withstands the test of time is a great thing indeed. Despite your best efforts to hire a talented architect, hard-working masons, you feel something is lacking in y

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Things To Know About FE-500 & FE-500D Bars

A family living in a dream house of their own, beautifully built, living happily ever after. Isn't this a short perfect story we all once dreamt of and want it to be true? Having a house is quite normal but having a house with strength and durability is very rare. Houses built by TMT bars can guarantee you not only strength

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Importance of TMT Bars in building houses

Builders all over the world use Thermo Mechanical Treatment bars to bolster the construction. To construct a firm basement or structure of the building, TMT plays an important role. In other words, TMT bars are the skeleton that strengthens a building. TMT bars are so tensile and made out of steel billets. The inside of the

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How to find a TMT bar at the best price?

Using TMT bars for your construction will improve the lifetime of your building. When the structure is strong, it will save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on maintenance. You would have planned to build a house in 50 lakhs. As the work progresses, you will realize that the amount has exceeded 50 lakhs long back. 

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Difference Between Mild Steel And High Strength Steel

If you are into building construction or have been researching about it for your upcoming construction project, you must have realized that the steel used in construction comes in various qualities, grades, and forms.  Each type of steel has its own features and applications, the choice of the steel that you make goes a lon

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Tips on buying corrosion resistant TMT bars

TMT bars are reinforcement steel bars that offer strength to a building. When you think of investing money buying for buying TMT bars for your home, you need to consider various factors. Corrosion is the worst thing that can happen to TMT bars that weakens the skeleton of the building. Cement and TMT bars improve the life of

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Difference Between FE 500 & FE 500D TMT

Fee 500 and Fe 500D are two popular grades of steel used in building construction. While both of them may seem similar to a layman, the singular difference of a ‘D’ brings about quite significant variations in the properties of the two steel grades.  As per the IS:1786 standard, both Read more


Top 7 Best Uses of TMT Bars in 2021

Best Uses of TMT Bars TMT Bars can be regarded as the undisputed leader when it comes to the choice of construction steel. With its unmatched features, utility, and strength, TMT steel is today being used extensively in a variety of projects.  This is contrary to the popular belief that TMT steel bars Read more


TMT Bar vs TMX Bar – Which is Better? 

  There are various kinds of steel bars in the market and finding the right kind of bars which is suitable for your construction project can prove to be a difficult job. But do not worry! To make it easier for you, here in this article we are differentiating between the two major advanced steel bars on some of the major aspects.  TMT and TMX Ba

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Important FAQ on TMT Bars

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Bars - the gold standard of construction steel is also the most widely used construction material in the world. The true strength of the TMT bars lies in the fact that it is probably the only TMT Bar that strikes the right balance between duc

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Best TMT Bars in Hyderabad(List of TMT Steel Suppliers)

Hyderabad, an IT and industrial hub and a rapidly developing city, consists of numerous highly advanced TMT bar manufacturers. In fact, it is the perfect place to find your best TMT steel bar for your dream construction.  They are a variety of options to choose from in th

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FE 550 and FE 500D TMT Bars in Hyderabad

Fe 550 and Fe 500D are two of the high-strength steel bars that are extensively used in modern-day building construction. Both kinds of TMT bars have excellent properties and similar features, which often makes the choice between the two difficult to make. But you need

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Why to choose TMT Bar over any others?

One of the most pretentious questions that one faces while constructing a new building is about the choice of steel bars that should be used in the building. No doubt, the strength, life span, and other features of the building are going to be determined by the choice of steel, amongst the other things.  So, if you are look

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Why TMT Bars Are Twisted? Here are the complete details

TMT Steel Bars are undoubtedly the most commonly used steel bars in building construction in today’s time. But do you know that TMT bars are actually not twisted bars, unlike the traditional HYSD (High Yield Strength Deformed) Bars which had to twist as a trademark structural feature? So does this lack of twist impact the

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List of 5 Different Types of Steel Bars Used in Construction

Construction technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Right from the techniques and technology deployed in construction, to the materials used - a lot has changed to become better and better.  However, this advancement in the building construction domain has left

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List of Top 7 Best TMT Steel Manufacturers in India

TMT Steel Bars, no docs is one of the most important components for any kind of building construction. In fact, TMT steel hands gained even more significance in the wake of constructing long-lasting, eco-friendly, and earthquake-proof buildings.  At the same time, India’s steel manufacturing industry Read more


List of Services Offered by Sugna TMT

Sugna TMT Limited, established in 2008, is a significant steel factory in Hyderabad in the category of TMT bar dealers. The business has formed a firm grip in its industries. Making customer satisfaction their priority, Sugna Ltd. has garnered a vast base of customers.  In the u

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Best Manufacturer and Supplier of TMT Steel in Hyderabad

TMT steel plants are also called thermo-mechanical treatment steel plants. The TMT steel industry in Hyderabad is one of the most popular reinforcing bars used for the construction of houses, high-floor high height, bridges, stolen, and other civil engineering structures and is known for its excellent tensile strength, i

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How to select a good steel factory in Hyderabad?

Micro factors have an impact on how and when steel is produced. Buyers usually give micro factors more weight. Microelements are just as essential as macro factors, and they should be taken into account in several ways before choosing a source. In this article, we have shown the top 6 factors on selecting a good steel factory in hyderabad.<

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Why Sugna TMT is the best steel shop in Hyderabad?

When it comes to TMT steel, a lot depends on the steel company you choose for your TMT steel bar source. In the competitive industry today, there is no scarcity of options. You will see several manufacturers to choose from, and the choice you will make all the difference! After knowing this, you must wonder what to look for

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Here is the list of Top 10 FAQs on TMT Steel Bar

Choosing the right kind of steel from the right steel manufacturer can prove to be a challenging task. This is especially true in today’s times when there are multiple options to choose from, and it’s so easy to go wrong.  However, you need not worry, as we are here to solve

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Why TMT Steel Bars are best for Earthquake Zone?

Safety is one of the most important aspects of modern-day construction. There is no doubt that in today’s times; any construction must take into consideration the ability of the structure to withstand earthquake shocks and other natural occurrences such as landslides, cyclones, and thunderstorms.   And guess what? The ty

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How are TMT steel prices determined?

Steel is one of the most important materials that go into the construction of any building or structure. No doubt, the cost of steel to be procured from the steel manufacture constitutes a major component of the construction budget. A change in the prevailing rates of TMT steel bars can increase or decrease your construc

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Why Sugna TMT is the best steel factory in Hyderabad?

When it comes to TMT steel, a lot depends upon the steel company that you choose to source your TMT steel bars from. In today’s competitive industry, there is no dearth of options. You will see a number of manufacturers to choose from, and the choice you will make will create all the difference! Having known this, you must

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3 Steps of TMT Steel Bar Manufacturing Process

The quality of TMT steel is one of the most important factors that determine the strength and longevity of a structure. However, to be able to decipher and determine the quality of TMT steel bars and hence choose the best steel companyRead more


Why TMT steel bars are better than other steel bars?

When it comes to building construction, steel forms the core of it, quite literally! Therefore, it is absolutely important that you invest in the right kind of steel bars for your building!  Gone are the days when there were limited types of steel bars to choose from. Today, there are many options and hence the choice is ev

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Know About the Different Types of TMT Bars

Gone are the days when there were one of two types of steel bars, and there were not many options to choose from when purchasing steel for building constriction. Today, there are not only different types of steel but also many different grades and qualities of each kind.  Let’s say that you choose to use the most recommen

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Best Steel Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad

When it comes to steel manufacturing, it is not everyone’s cup of tea! Steel manufacturing is a complex process, which required a great deal of skill, experience, and expertise. Above all, one can’t afford to source and fulfill the requirements of steel from a manufacturer who lacks quality.  However, with Sugna TMT, yo

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Here’s the List of Eco-Friendly Building Materials For Construction

In today’s times, the environment and sustainability have taken the center stage in all walks of life and work. And rightly so! The rate at which our environment is getting degraded, if we do not wake up now and adopt eco-friendly means, days are not far when we will be in serious trouble.  However, have you ever wondered

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14 Tips on selecting a good Steel Manufacturer

When looking for a steel manufacturer or steel plant, you are looking for someone who offers consistently reliable experiences. Here are some things to consider before you seal the deal:

Top 14 Tips on hiring a good Steel Manufacturer

1. Exp

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Why Do We Use Steel For Construction? Top 10 Reasons

Steel is the “green product” that has been widely used in construction since the 19th century.  Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron. It is a well-known fact that steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Steel is used in construction because of its tensile strength and hardness. Thi

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Here are Top 8 Features Of TMT Bars

TMT bars are thermo-mechanically treated bars made of steel. They have chemical components like sulfur, carbon, phosphorus, and scarce amounts of copper. The revival of the steel industry occurred around the year 1874. There had been the need for the invention of something ground-breaking when it comes to construction.  TMT

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Grade of TMT Bars

Fe 415 grade A Fe 415 TMT steel bar is a highly ductile TMT reinforcement bar, which is manufactured for small-scale construction projects. It can be easily bent into the most complex shapes, making it perfect for small-load constructions. Chemical composition (percentage max)

  • Carbon – 0.30
  • Sulphur – 0.06
  • Phosphorous – 0.06
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Sugna Best Price in Hyderabad today

Where can you buy TMT Steel Bars at Best Price in Hyderabad? Sugna Metals Ltd., RTC X roads, Hyderabad - 500020, Adjacent Hyundai Service Show Room  Phone: 915 222 4958. You can buy best steel TMT bars from Krishna Enterprises, Balanagar, Hyerabad. They offer a wide range of TMT bars, Sugna TMT bar Fe 600 E, Vinayaka Fe 600 E, Shree TMT bar Fe 600 E and Mild Steel (MS) Life

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How the growth of Sugna TMT bar is a key driving force?

The competition in the construction industry is the key driving force for the development of innovative technologies TMT Steel bar process. Moreover, several generations have passed; and the building and structural construction industry remains the major force of booming activity and considered one of the core industries in the city of Hyderabad. Sugna TMT bar plays a major role in the growth o

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How Sugna TMT Steel Bars Have Been In The Construction Industry For Long?

For a long time, Sugna Steel TMT has been in the construction industry for its terrific weldability and properties such as Tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility. The role of steel in any building determines its structural strength, thermal conductivity and stability. Therefore, choosing the correct steel bars with desired properties is of utmost importance. Sugna Steel TMT bars have gain

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How Sugna TMT bar is the safest option in Steel bars for Construction?

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bar is one of the most popular reinforcement bars used for the construction of houses, multi-storeyed buildings, bridges, flyovers, and civil engineering structures. Sugna TMT is known for its excellent tensile strength, durability, and ductility. TMT steel is the safest option for construction, as they are highly resistant to earthquakes. In the Read more


TMT steel bars are also known as Thermo Mechanical Treatment steel bars. It is one of the most popular reinforcement bars used for the construction of houses, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures and is known for its excellent tensile strength, durability and ductility. TMT bars are the safest option for construction, as they are highly resistant to se

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TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment steel bars are the widely used materials during constructions or in civil engineering. They possess high yield strength than mild steel. They also have greater tensile strength, flexibility and ductility in comparision to high yield strength deformed bars. Thermo Mechanical Treatment is a technological procedure for producing high strength in distorted shape of s

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Many people, who wish to construct a house for themselves, need advices regarding which materials to buy and which to avoid. TMT steel bar is one of those important materials used during constructions. Many might not know what TMT steel bars are and what makes TMT steel bars so special. TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical process; meaning it is a process applie

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TMT steel bars are the cornerstones of the civil engineering. TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical process on the construction bars to enhance the resistance of the steel bars from breaking under tension. TMT steel bars have no surface deformities making them ideal for common usage in critical infrastructure for better strength of the constructions. They have a

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Top 10 Advantages of Using TMT Bars

The Construction Industry is largely dependent on CTD bars , HYSD bars and the TMT bars. 10 Advantages of Using TMT Bars:

  1. TMT bars lend superior welding ability, working ability, ductility and better elongation.
  2. TMT bars are widely used in the construction industry due to their amazing flexibility in construction.
  3. Using TMT bars in constru

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TMT Bars: Why are They Used for Construction Projects?

TMT Steel ………….. Strength that none can match TMT or Thermo- Mechanically treated bars are high strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The strength of a building lies in its foundation. And good QUALITY TMT bars are essential construction material that makes the concrete structure strong, securing it from any damage. TMT is most

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Steel – The ELIXIR of STRENGTH Steel, one of the finest forms of element, extracted from carbon and based out ofIron (Fe) is considered as the elixir of Construction Industry. The uniqueness in its propertiesmakes it preferred choice for manyother industries. If the boundaries of construction are brick and cement, then the core strength is steel. One such form of steel is “The Bars”whi

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How TMT bars are raising the bar in the construction Industry Since generations, Construction Industry is the most booming industry and considered one of the core industries in the whole world. This Industry plays a very important role in the growth of the economic sector of any country. The 3 major goals of any construction project are finish on time, within the budget, and achieve high pro

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Are you looking for the Best TMT Bars Manufacturer in Hyderabad? If yes, then you are at the right place✅✅✅ TMT bar or Thermo Mechanically Treated bar is one of the most popular reinforcement bars used for the construction of houses, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures and known for its

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How TMT bars are raising the bar in the construction Industry

Since generations, Construction Industry is the most booming industry and considered one of the core industries in the whole world. This Industry plays a very important role in the growth of the economic sector of any country. The 3 major goals of any construction project are

  • finish on time,
  •  within the budget, and
  •  achieve high productivity

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