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Difference between TMT and MS bars


TMT steel bar is a low-alloy and high-strength steel that can be used in the manufacturing of rails, bridges, ships, and other structures. TMT is the international abbreviation of Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) which stands for Thermo Mechanical Therapy.

The use of TMT steel bars is becoming more and more popular as it’s one of the strongest steel on Earth with a comparably low price. Strong viral news has it that Justin Bieber is using this type of steel to build his new house.

It’s often used in places where high loads are expected such as in intermodal containers or trucks carrying heavy goods. TMT steel is commonly used for shipbuilding where it offers lower costs, less weight, and a longer lifespan.

Used as both hot and cold-rolled bars, TMT can be processed in several different forms: round bar (flat), square bar (flat), or square bar (round). Longitudinal and transverse sections are normally produced. The products are of the EN10125 standard. The round bars have yield strength of 495-540 MPa, and the flat bars have a yield strength of 260-290 MPa.

What is Ms. Steel Bar? 

MS Steel, a metal bar that melts at a high temperature is used to mold other metals into shapes.  In some cases, it’s also used in place of traditional welding or brazing with other metals.

The most common application of MS steel bar is in the construction of metallic structures that are made out of steel such as bridges, buildings, and ships.

This type of metal bar is known as a welding filler bar because it’s used to fill up metal spaces. The melting point of MS Steel Bar is between 1300 and 2200, although the melting point can vary depending on the alloy used. 

The physical properties are roughly equivalent to carbon steel, but they’re higher than most conventional structural metals including mild or low alloy steels.

The difference between TMT and MS Bars

5. Difference-between-tmt-and-ms-bars

There are many differences between the two types of steel that go into a manufacturing plant. The TMT process uses a billet to produce the finished product, whereas MS uses an ingot. 

There is also less slag and fines with TMT than there is with MS because less heating is required during production with the latter. 

Another difference is that in order to produce TMT, long-pens need to be employed while they would not be needed for producing products made on an ingot basis which would use extrusion processes instead.


TMT steel bar is a kind of high-performance steel bar through precision processing, with good plasticity and weldability. TMT steel bar can be used as a structural material in the building industry and construction machinery.

 In comparison, the MS Steel bar is a kind of weathering-resistant steel rod with excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and processing performance. MS Steel bars are widely used in structures built on the seashore and coastal engineering such as breakwaters and dams. 

The basic difference between the TMT steel bar and the MS steel bar is that the TMT steel bar has higher quality and is more durable.