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How Sugna TMT Steel Bars Have Been In The Construction Industry For Long?

For a long time, Sugna Steel TMT has been in the construction industry for its terrific weldability and properties such as Tensile strength, yield strength, and ductility. The role of steel in any building determines its structural strength, thermal conductivity and stability. Therefore, choosing the correct steel bars with desired properties is of utmost importance. Sugna Steel TMT bars have gained increased popularity in the construction industry and continue to cater to customer demand.

The Sugna TMT steel bar manufacturing gives the bar superior strength along with anti-corrosive properties. The process involves controlled water-cooling that prevents the formation of coarse carbides. This has been cited as the main cause for the corrosive nature of common bars. There is another reason for better corrosion resistance, which is the absence of surface stresses caused by the cold twisting process.

Sugna TMT bars have high thermal stability, and they are the preferred choice when elevated temperatures of 400-6000 C, this may be encountered in Chimneys, and they can resist fires. Therefore, owing to its better Ductility and Bendability Sugna TMT steel bars reduce construction and fabrication time. Moreover, it is easy to use at a working site because of higher Strength combined with higher Ductility that gives better safety of structures.

When comparing different processes for the production of High Strength Rebars technological developments in Sugna TMT steel bars are world class. The soft ferrite-pearlite core enables the bar to bear dynamic loading. Sugna TMT bars also have high fatigue resistance to Seismic loads. This makes them most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas and they are most preferred because of their malleability: flexible nature.

Sugna TMT steel bars have fine welding features because they are low in carbon content. Moreover, it can be used for butt joints without a reduction in strength at the weld joints. The external ribs running across the entire length of the TMT bar give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete. Moreover it fulfills bond requirements as per IS: 456/78 and IS: 1786/85.

Sugna TMT steel bars with its high tensile strength and better elongation value gives you great savings, including reduced transportation costs. The engineers in R & D department in Sugna steel are constantly striving to devise ways and means to reduce its cost and bring economy in construction. The direct benefits to customers of using high reinforcement Sugna TMT steel bars are:

  • The total weight of reinforcement bars lead to reduced cost to the customer
  • Reduced manpower for reinforcement fabrication
  • Lower transportation costs

Testing of Sugna Steel TMT Bars

Sugna Steel TMT Bars of the desired grade is manufactured,  and subjected to finishing achieving a fine look. There are various tests that are conducted to check the quality of the bar. There are a number of TMT bar manufacturing companies in the market, but not all of them provide the best quality steel. Therefore, tests are conducted to check:

  • Chemical Composition
  • Strength
  • Flexibility and Bending