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How TMT bars are raising the bar in the construction Industry

Since generations, Construction Industry is the most booming industry and considered one of the core industries in the whole world. This Industry plays a very important role in the growth of the economic sector of any country. The 3 major goals of any construction project are

  • finish on time,
  •  within the budget, and
  •  achieve high productivity

From the financial industry to the construction industry, we live in an era of advanced technologies everywhere. From the past few decades, we are witnessing several major changes in the construction industry. The technological innovations in this industry are rapidly evolving. Every year new trends are emerging in this industry making construction work easier and more efficient.

The key driving force for the development of these innovative technologies in the construction industry is competition. If you want to make sure to stay ahead in this industry, make sure you are aware of all the latest technologies to keep up with your competitors. With the emerging trends and technology, Steel is one of the most important materials which plays a vital role in the construction industry.

Steel plays a major role in the construction industry:

It’s no secret that steel plays a very important role in the construction industry. The construction industry accounts for more than 50% of world steel demand. From construction of houses to car-parks to bridges, flyovers, and skyscrapers. rely on steel for their strength.

Due to its versatility, strength, and sustainability steel has reigned supreme in the construction industry for over a century.

Types of steels used in construction industry are:

Structural steel, Rebar steel, Alloy steel, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Tool steel

Each material has its strengths and weakness. The most serious problem in steel is corrosion.

Corrosion is a natural process where the moisture on the surface of the metal reacts with the atmospheric oxygen forming rust on the surface of the metal. This oxidization reaction completely deteriorates the quality of the steel. Many methods have come across to prevent corrosion like protective coatings, Catholic protection, etc.

However, the one-stop solution for the problem of corrosion is the utilization of TMT steel Bars in the construction industry.

TMT bars

TMT bars are the most popular reinforcement bars used in the construction industry. With the latest technology involved in the manufacturing of the TMT bars, They are highly resistant to corrosion with high strength. In most of the developed countries, only TMT bars are used for all the constructional purposes.

With their arrival, TMT bars have raised the bar of the construction industry making the structures more safe and reliable. From High rise buildings to bridges and dams, TMT bars have a wide range of applications.

But are the features of the TMT bars are restricted to only strength and corrosion resistance?

Well, the answer is definitely no. There are many features of TMT bars.

TMT bars are also known for their excellent tensile strength and ductility. They are manufactured by a peculiar three-stage process. The three stages of the manufacturing process are quenching, self-tempering and atmosphere cooling. With this unique manufacturing technique, TMT bars have many unique features.

Here are the most important advantages of the TMT bars are:

Climate and Condition

As we know, TMT bars are made with the most advanced technology, it can withstand extreme weather conditions and also natural calamities like earthquakes. TMT bars will never crack, shrink or swell.


weight of the TMT bars is light. It weighs 60 percent less than wood.


TMT bars in the construction industry are 100 percent recyclable. In one year, a large amount of steel is recycled. The steel industry annually saves energy up to 18 million households for a year.


TMT bar prices are affordable and much lower compared to other conventional bars. This is the biggest advantage to the construction industry that they offer a much greater structure with the same amount of steel.

Comparison between TMT bars and conventional bars: 

TMT bars Conventional bars
Much stronger. Gives 20% more strength Not stronger compare to TMT bars
Corrosion resistant Corrode easily
Resistant to natural calamities like earthquakes Not resistant to calamities
 flexibility and ductility Compare to TMT bars, they cannot provide flexibility and ductility

 Here Sugna metals LTD is one of  the top largest manufacturing companies of TMT bars in India:

The Future and growth prospects of Steel and Sugna TMT bars in the Construction Industry:

Steel has had a long history of usage and it has been the best option in the construction sector for years. The steel in the construction industry has gone through a great evolutionary phase and a lot of advanced technologies in the manufacturing of steel have emerged. TMT bars are one among them.

But what is the future of steel and TMT bars?

As we all know, TMT bars are durable, flexible, renewable and eco-friendly, the future definitely looks bright. So, we can expect steel and TMT bars remain the backbone for the construction industry for years to come.

 Not only the construction industry but also many other sectors rely on steel. The space industry, Automobile and transportation sector, Energy sector, Kitchen utensils, etc. In all these sectors, steel has an important place as a sustainable material.

Obviously, we all know how common steel is in our day to day life. It is impossible not to encounter a product made with steel in a day in our life.