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TMT Bars in RCC(RCC Ratio)


A nation is considered a developed nation when the country has been able to achieve all its goals and has been making consistent growth when compared to other countries. One of the important aspects of a developed country is its infrastructure, providing shelter to all its population. This is possible by building strong and reliable buildings using TMT bars and concrete.

However, just by using cement and TMT bars, one may not be able to build a strong structure as he/she needs to have proper knowledge of the materials they using and what they use of it. One must be able to identify which structure needs what kind of TMT bar and cement with what is the ratio of it. 

Many builders go wrong while mixing the TMT bar and concrete and might end up in disaster. Noticing such factors we at Sugna TMT have come up with solutions to help our builder friends. Sugna TMT is one of the top steel manufacturing industries which are known for strong TMT bars.

In this article, we shall see the RCC ratio and other important details of TMT bars and cement. Then, why wait? Let’s get started.

What is RCC?


RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) is a stand of plain cement reinforced with steel bars while building a structure. While building the structure all the main structural members as beams, columns, and other foundation pillars are made up of cement concrete and steel TMT bars. It is one of the most efficient ways to construct a building if the ratio is as per the below table.

An RCC building is a special blend of concrete that has essential elements which are mixed in different ratios. RCC was developed in the 1970s to make an affordable solution for building a high volume of heavy loads as they are made up of composite materials. This mixture of steel and concrete is mainly done as the cement is weak in tension.

Why do TMT bars have to be reinforced with Cement?

Though cement is capable of withstanding a heavy amount of stress it lacks tensile strength which is very much required in high-rise buildings. Hence, TMT bars are used to provide this missing strength to the concrete by reinforcing the steel bar within the concrete during construction. 

One of the main advantages of using steel bars is during earthquakes where all the stress received shall be equally distributed in the building which causes less damage.

We, at Sugna TMT, are one of the steel manufacturing industries that have been producing such high-quality tensile strength TMT bars for more than a decade. Hence, we are the most highly recommended industry when it comes to TMT bars. To know more about us, please visit 

While using RCC, the minimum grade of cement used is as per IS 456: 2000. Minimum grade of concrete that has to be used cannot be less than M20 and the ratio that has to be used is 1:1. For every 100 kg of cement 130kg i.e., 100:130 of steel bars must be used for efficient construction. 

Based on the construction type, the ratio of TMT steel bar to concrete is as follows-

Civil and Heavy industrial construction = 130kg/m3

Commercial building type = 100kg/m3

Institution building type = 90kg/m3

Residential type of construction = 85kg/m3

All the materials used in the construction must be of good quality mainly cement as it is the key element of a structure. Some of the important factors that determine the strength of the concrete while constructing an RCC building are as follows.

  • Quality of the cement
  • Curing
  • Humidity in the region
  • Age of Concrete
  • The temperature of the area

While building an RCC structure, different parts of the building are constructed with different types and quantities of reinforced steel used. Let us see them in detail.

Different Parts of the building  Requirement of steel in KG
Rafts 115
Joint beams 130 – 170
Stairs 130 – 170
Light loaded Columns 100 – 150
Capping beams 135
Columns 200 – 450
Beams 150 – 300
Pile caps 110 – 150
Bases 90 – 130
Two-way slab 67 – 135
Floor Slab 80 – 120
One-way slab 75 – 125
Walls 110 – 150
Load Bearing slabs 150


RCC construction ratio is one of the important factors that have to be considered by the developer in order to build a strong and long-lasting structure. We, at Sugna TMT, always believed in a better and stronger tomorrow and with the help of such a ratio, anyone can build a strong house.

Now, if you are looking for a strong TMT bar, here we are to help you out. Contact Sugna TMT today and know more.