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Aluminum Vs Stainless Steel

In our day-to-day life, two of the metals that are widely used directly or indirectly are aluminum and stainless steel. Though both seem to be similar in looks and strength, they have various properties that differ from them. Many people are not aware of what metal is better in what properties so they can use these metals according to their needs.

Steel is one of the oldest metals and many industries are manufacturing them. Sugna TMT is one of that esteemed industries that we are proud to be one of the biggest and most successful aluminum and steel manufacturers in the country. However, there are many differences between these two metals, and in this article, we shall find out.

Here, we shall see some of the fundamentals that differ between aluminium and stainless steel. Are you excited to know more? Then, stay tuned!!

Factors that differ between Aluminium and Stainless Steel 


#1 Strength

First and foremost, every person who wants to use these metals looks for strength. When it is to strength, stainless steel is leading in this fight because it is manufactured with a unique technology that allows it to be harder and stronger than others.

On the other hand, aluminum may be considered less strong than stainless steel.

#2 Corrosion

One of the interesting things is that both metals don’t rust when it comes to contact with the moisture or outer environment. However, in comparison, stainless steel with the property of chromium which makes it suitable for any weather and is excellent corrosion resistant.

#3 Heat and electrical conductivity

When it comes to heat and electrical conductivity, aluminum has a lead which is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Stainless steel is a bad conductor of electricity and compared to aluminum steel is a bad conductor of heat. It might take a huge amount of time to get heated up in comparison.

#4 Flexible

Both metals are used in every industry, especially in construction sites where they must be bent, twisted, or even drilled. Hence, one must be flexible enough to handle all such work. When compared to stainless steel, aluminum is one of the better metals when it comes to flexibility as it can be easily twisted or bent without breaking it.

#5 Cost

Cost is one of the efficient properties and aluminum leads as it is less cheap when compared to stainless steel. Due to its lightweight metal and stainless being the heaviest metal.


Both metals have different properties which make them unique in their ways. There are different advantages when it is used as per their strength and properties. Keeping this in mind, Sugna TMT is helping us to build better buildings by manufacturing one of the finest metals in the country. 

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