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How To Prevent Rusting?


Several metals are being manufactured every day and are used in our day-to-day lives without any issues. Being a substance that has been taken out of the ground, it has its advantages and drawbacks. Iron and steel for example are widely famous for their strength, flexibility, and ductility but in reality, even they undergo many changes as per the environment.

Being a top industry, we at Sugna TMT always questioned ourselves on one of the biggest problems that metal can face: how to prevent rusting? It is said that rusting is like cancer to the metal which will eat the metal slowly and become unrepairable. It’s always good to find remedies before the event has occurred.

Hence, we at Sugna TMT have listed some of the preventive methods for our readers to make sure they end up with healthy metals. In this article, we shall see how to prevent iron from rusting and how to prevent steel from rusting, and also ways to prevent rusting

Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go ahead without any wait!!

Before we go on to our main topic let us first understand what is rusting and how to avoid rust on metal.

What is rusting?

Numerous metals are victims of rusting and this occurs when a metal comes in contact with oxygen. A chemical reaction that occurs in the metals affects the masses of iron and steel. This is formed mainly due to the presence of moisture in the air or nearby water bodies.

Once rusting begins in metal, it starts to eat the metal slowly which will make it weak and leaves a flaky orange-red color coating on the upper layer. This causes the iron to lose its original strength and breaks at a point. Though, it is said that when iron or steel comes in contact with oxygen it reacts to the elements present in it.

The cause of rusting is water which is also called hydrated iron in scientific terms. This is usually caused when the iron is left as it is and not protected with any anti-corrosion substance. If used, the layer shall act as a shield on iron preventing it from exposing directly to oxygen.

How to prevent Rusting?


Rust prevention is one of the easiest methods if followed as guided by the industries. Come on let us see one by one how to prevent rust.

#1 Keep them dry

The main cause to form a rusting layer on the metal is water and this can ruin the whole metal within a short amount of time. One has to make sure to keep the metal dry or kept in a dry place where it does not come into contact with water or a humid atmosphere.

#2 Application of galvanized metals

Galvanization is a simple process of coating the metal with a layer of zinc on any type of metal. This application of galvanized metals on the iron or steel will not allow moisture to enter the layer of the actual metal.

Sugna TMT has been using this method on all types of metals to prevent them from rusting. Under the guidance of many experts, we have come a long way and have discovered new ways to protect our metals.

#3 Protect with oil or paint

This is one of the easiest methods that can be applied with a small amount of cost protecting any type of iron or steel. Just applying a thin layer of paint and oil can save your valuable assets for many coming years.

#4 Add a protective layer on the surface using other metals

Using other metals as a sacrificial layer on the original material can make your iron and steel well-maintained for many years. This does not allow the air to pass into the layer which causes rusting.

#5 Mixing the substance with other metals

There is also a method to protect the whole of the iron by mixing it with other non-rusting metals. This combination allows the iron to become stronger and does not rust when it comes in contact with water or air.


Preventing the metals from rusting is one of the essential jobs that any industry has to make sure and Sugna TMT has been doing it for many decades. Being a highly advanced company, we have been trying to come up with new and new ways to protect steel and iron and also other metals. Hope our readers are now aware of how to prevent iron from rusting and how to prevent steel from rusting.

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