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TMT steel bars are also known as Thermo Mechanical Treatment steel bars. It is one of the most popular reinforcement bars used for the construction of houses, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures and is known for its excellent tensile strength, durability and ductility. TMT bars are the safest option for construction, as they are highly resistant to seismic vibrations or any other natural disasters.

Many engineers in Hyderabad prefer the TMT steel bars of Sugna Metals Ltd. They are the best TMT steel bar manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad. A very few companies in India owns the deep industrial knowledge and client satisfaction abilities. Sugna Metals Ltd. is amongst them.
Sugna Metals Ltd. was founded by the Agarwal family who are immensly experienced in the steel business since 1980 under the leadership of their director, Mr. Bharat Kumar Agarwal. It was under his guidance and leadership that Sugna Metals Ltd. started its journey in 2008 at Pargi Village in Vikarabad district near Hyderabad, Telangana.

Sugna Metals Ltd. offers three types of grades in their TMT steel bars. Fe500, Fe500D and Fe600. These TMT steel bars have widely been used a common choices for many projects. They offer great seismic solidity and pliability to the clients and the engineers. Sugna Metals Ltd. is the best TMT bars manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad. Their TMT bars have been the supplies for many projects while remaining undamaged or unaffected weights.

The importance of Sugna Metals Ltd. TMT steel bars is that they have no surface deformities, have higher load bearing capacity, are more ductile, possess high stress yield and the capacity to withstand sudden loads. They make an ideal choice for uses in critical infrastructure for better strength, to help reduce the number of bars required for constructing an infrastructure, allowing more space to any aesthetic designs and reducing the cost of constructions. Such qualities make Sugna Metals Ltd. the best TMT bars manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad.