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TMT or Thermo Mechanical Treatment steel bars are the widely used materials during constructions or in civil engineering. They possess high yield strength than mild steel. They also have greater tensile strength, flexibility and ductility in comparision to high yield strength deformed bars. Thermo Mechanical Treatment is a technological procedure for producing high strength in distorted shape of steel bars to strengthen or support concrete with additional material.
TMT steel bars are one of those materials in construction field that makes them to be opted above other materials. Let us see such seven essential aspects that makes TMT steel bars to be used widely in constructions.

TMT steel bars are the most preferred material in civil engineering because of the pliability, ductility and elasticity they offer. Sugna TMT steel bars are the best in the market to be able to be hammered or pressed into your desired shape without breaking or cracking.

Corrosion Resistance:
One of the inevitable factors of TMT steel bars is their capability of resisting corrosion. This, in a way, determines the durability and solidity of your constructions. Sugna TMT steel bars are great in thermal stability which makes them safe from any unwanted accidents.

Sugna TMT steel bars are unconvincingly flexible and have incredible bending capacity. With their advanced plasticity and higher amount of extension under stress, Sugna TMT steel bars can be sculptured into any shape in accordance to your desired construction design.

Resistance to fire:
Unlike steel or CTD reinforcement bars, Sugna TMT steel bars have high termal solidity. This high thermal solidity makes them the preferred choice by many engineers to hold out against the situations where the temperature elevates even around 400-6000 celcius.

Seismic resistance:
The core of Sugna TMT steel bars enables the infrastructures to withstand any vibrations of the earth and its crust which might relate to earthquakes. Sugna TMT steel bars have higher fatique resistance to dynamic or seismic loads due to its higher ductility quality.

Better safety of structures:
With the combination of higher strength and higher ductility, TMT steel bars are safer to any construction structures. Sugna TMT bars are subject to rigorous Quality Control regimen to ensure that the final product meets the high expectations and standards of our discerning customers.

Cost effective:
The TMT steel bars are cost effective. With the strength and elasticity they provide, many would think that they might be costly. But turns out they are not. Sugna TMT steel bars are very cost effective in comparision to the other TMT steel bars starting from Rs. 253/- only.