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How To Avoid Rusting (Corrosion) In TMT Bars?


We all know that rusting (Corrosion) is just like cancer to the metal as it will only spread and doesn’t do any good to the steel bar. It is natural that when metals come in contact with nature the chemicals combine and result in corrosion. A structure built with such metals is no longer safe, and it is guaranteed to lose its balance and may end up in disaster.

If one wishes to build a strong everlasting home then TMT bars are here to rescue. There are several features of the TMT bar and resistance to corrosion is one of the major and beneficial features when compared to others. We at Sugna TMT have listened to our customers’ issues and have been manufacturing corrosion-resistant TMT bars for a very long time.

We would like to explain some of the steps that one can take to prevent steel bars from rusting. Here in this article, we shall see more details about how to avoid rusting in TMT bars and so on. Let us begin:


Effects of rusting

It is common that metals with iron content can rust when it comes to contact with water and air but when it comes to supporting a structure rusted metals cannot provide their full strength to the building. 

Rusting of metals leads to weakening of metals which may end up breaking due to heavy stress. These bars cannot withstand high-level stress which may end up bending or even affecting the whole structure.

It can also make the metals get stuck where it has to move freely and can develop holes that may end up losing strength and breaking into pieces. Apart from losing strength, due to rusting of metals they cannot pass electricity or work with magnetic materials.

How to avoid rusting in TMT bars?

There are several methods one can follow to prevent TMT bars from rusting even when they are exposed to water and air. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Galvanizing – It is a method of applying an external layer of Zinc over iron or steel to prevent it from corrosion.
  • Painting – It is one of the common methods that has been practiced for a long time of applying a thin layer of paint which may prevent it from rusting 
  • Rustproofing sprays – It is a type of oil that is applied to the whole of the steel bar which acts as corrosion-resistant.
  • Electrochemical treatment – it is a method where electric charge is passed which prevents rusting by suppressing electrochemical reaction.
  • Hot dipping – The steel bar is dipped into hot molten zinc at a persistent temperature.
  • Thermo Mechanical Treatment – It has been one of the best and most successful methods that have been used by many industries to prevent corrosion.

To sum up!!

There are many techniques or methods to prevent the TMT bars and some of them have been mentioned above. We at Sugna TMT, have been manufacturing the best corrosion-resistant TMT bars and have satisfied our clients. If you are looking for your TMT bar, then give us a call on 180030101604 or mail us at [email protected].