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Proper Handling and Storage Of TMT Bars On Construction Sites


Many of us use strong metals to build our homes, industries, and other multi-story building in order to keep our loved ones safe. TMT bars have been known for the safety it provides by being strong and bearing the entire building’s stress and keeping the structure without moving an inch firmly on the ground. This has not only made our lives easier but also it has been one of the trustworthy metals for construction.

TMT bars are widely known for their immense strength for which they are also highly recommended for any type of construction, especially for high-story buildings. Though the bars are strong, flexible, and hard as a rock, it still has to be maintained in order to make sure all such properties remain even after installing them inside the building. 

We at Sugna TMT mainly focus on such aspects which shall not only makes it strong enough but also maintain it. To know more about Sugna TMT, please visit us at 

Hence, in this article, we shall try to understand how to properly handle the TMT bars and their storage arrangements in order to keep them safe on construction sites. If you are looking to build a house or any structure, then this article is for you. What are we waiting for? Let’s get into it!!

Guidelines on proper handling and storage of TMT Bars


TMT bars have a very long life span if maintained properly on construction sites by following all the guidelines that are mentioned here below. This can help us to keep our loved ones safe and secure.

TMT bars are corrosion resistant but keeping them in a wet place where there is too much moisture in the air may affect the properties of the steel bar and may start to decay. Hence, make sure to store them in a storage facility that is free from moisture and water nearby.

Make sure to install the TMT bars once they have arrived at the construction site within a few days or else there might be chances of getting broken or may end up damaging the outer surface of the bars. 

Do not stack TMT bars on one another, not more than ten to fifteen as the weight may damage the bars and end up in breakage of the TMT. Over heaping of the bars is very dangerous even while storing the TMT bars.

The storage facilities that are made to store the TMT bars on the construction sites must not be made of any metals that can respond to the TMT bars and medal with its properties. One must focus on safeguarding the TMT bars in the storage so that they can perform well when put under stress.

Storing paints, chemicals, or any corrosive substances or any liquids nearby the TMT bars may harm its chemical properties and may lead to disaster when installed. Hence, Sugna TMT provides expert advice on how to manage and store the TMT bars in the storage area with the help of the experts present in the organization. 

Storage facilities must be able to occupy the steel bars as they are delivered without affecting their shape or size. If does so, later it may affect the installation process where the bars might lack in performance. 


Careful storage of the TMT bars is as important as manufacturing them. If the builder or the contractor helps the TMT bars to be well maintained before installing them, the TMT bars shall make sure to be intact when there are external effects such as earthquakes or heavy amounts of stress. 

We at Sugna TMT have always focused on making our clients and other leads protect the TMT bars from all such damage-causing actions. If you want to be one of the luckiest ones to be guided, call us today and know more.