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How Are Integrated Steel Plants Different From Mini Steel Plants


Numerous industries are manufacturing uncountable items which are used in day-to-day activities and without those industries; it will be very hard and nearly impossible to live in this world. It is said that the industrial revolution was one of the most important and successful developments the country has ever seen. Though there are many kinds of industries, only a few play a vital role in growing the economy.

These important industries include many of the top companies and in them are steel manufacturing industries. Steel manufacturing contributes to the development of the country through maximizing exports and building strong structures day-to-day contributing hugely to building a stronger economy. There is no wonder that steel is called a magic metal as it is used widely in all sectors.

While this manufacturing of steel is done in steel industries there are different types called integrated steel plants and mini steel plants. Though in both the plant’s steel is manufactured the process and the way of manufacturing is different. Sugna TMT industry is one of the most highly recommended integrated steel plants in the country, which we shall know the meaning of in further articles.

Are you wondering, though both the plants manufacture steel, what is the difference between a mini steel plant and an integrated steel plant? Then don’t worry you are in the right place to find a solution for the same. 

Here, in this article, we shall find the difference between integrated steel and mini steel plants. Then, why wait!! Let’s find out!!

What are integrated steel plants?

Integrated steel plants are huge and are capable of working from start to finished product. In integrated steel plants, the process starts by bringing iron ore to the factory from mining areas and then the making of steel begins step by step until a shiny unique steel product is manufactured. The whole process is carried out in a single industry from rolling the steel bar to shaping it.

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 What are mini steel plants?

The mini steel plant is a smaller version of integrated steel plants but the process does not start with breaking iron ore. Here, the leftovers or scrap of steel from integrated steel plants are brought further shaping the steel into new material. This is situated all over the country and very much used by all the sectors.

Difference between integrated steel plants and mini steel plants


#1 Raw material 

Integrated steel plants start their process with raw materials hence; it is very convincing for the industry to situate them near the mining area so that the transportation of the raw materials becomes easy and cost-efficient. 

Mini steel plants do not use iron ore to start their manufacturing process, instead, they use pig iron or scraps or leftovers from an integrated steel plant and then use or shape a new item.

#2 Establishment of steel plant

Starting or establishing an integrated steel plant is very difficult and must be well planned according to the geographical area where iron ores are rich and must be built near it to make transportation easier. As each step or process is carried out in a single industry, it must be well organized and the size of the plant must be bigger as per the production.

Whereas mini steel industries don’t need much planning and they can be built or situated anywhere as it does not use raw materials such as iron ore. These industries have rollers and electric furnaces to heat the alloy.

#3 Establishment cost

The entire process, from transporting iron ore and the mining area to shaping the steel, is carried out in an integrated steel plant. This needs financial funding in a huge amount. Hiring different types of skilled laborers is one of the challenges in these industries.

Mini steel plant does not need much establishment cost as it is very small in size resulting in few laborers. Many of the processes which are carried out in integrated steel plants are not done in mini steel plants and hence, the cost is very less in comparison.

#4 Production capacities

As the industry is big and capable of manufacturing steel in a very large amount, they are capable of producing tons of steel in a single day. Mini steel industries have small structures and cannot manufacture much steel when compared to integrated steel plants.


Both integrated steel plants and mini steel plants are very important and play an important role in the growth of our economy. Sugna TMT has been contributing and playing its part in this growth. No doubt, it is one of the top steel manufacturing industries when compared to others. If you are looking for such industries then call us 180030101604 or mail us at [email protected]