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How Many Steel Bars in One Bundle in India?

How many steel bars in one bundle

Steel Bars in India come in various sizes and with different build qualities. One can choose the appropriate shape and build of the bar, based on the nature and scale of the construction. 

However, at the same time, it is important to understand that based on the size, these bars are sold by manufacturers in different measures. In other words, the quantity of the bars which you can buy in a bundle from the manufacturer depends on the size of the bar. 

Various Sizes of TMT Bars

Different manufacturers produce TMT bars in different sizes. Sugna TMT, which is a leading manufacturer of TMT steel bars in the region, provides TMT bars in sizes 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20mm, 25 mm, and 32 mm. 

Consequently, based on the size of the bars, there are different numbers of bars that are sold as a bundle. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the number of bars in a bundle reduces as the size of the bars increases. 

Various Ways of Buying TMT Bars

Apart from bundles, TMT steel bars are also sold as full-length bars (having a length of approx. 12 meters or 40 feet), U-shaped bent bars, on a per piece basis, or by weight – in kilograms, quintals, or in tonnes. 

However, buying TMT bars in bundles is considered to be one of the good ways of TMT steel. Therefore, now we are going to tell you how many bars you can expect in a bundle of bars – for each size. This will help you make a better-informed decision while buying TMT bars. 

How many TMT bars are in one bundle? 

How many steel bars in one bundle

Generally one can expect anywhere between 2 to 12 bars in a bundle, depending on the size of the bar. Leading manufacturers of TMT steel bars like Sugna TMT standardize the bundle size to make the transaction easier for the clients. 

1) 8 mm TMT Bar Bundle Size

If you are buying 8 mm TMT steel bars by the bundle, you can expect about 12 pieces of 8mm TMT steel bars in the bundle. This is true for almost all manufacturers as the practice has been standardized over the years. Alternatively, you can also buy 8 mm TMT bars by piece or by weight, where the cost will depend on the quality of the bars. 

2) 10 mm TMT Bar Bundle Size

As we mentioned, as the size or thickness of the bars goes up, the number of bars you get in each bundle comes down. Therefore, in a bundle of 10 mm TMT steel bars, you will get only about 8 pieces, i.e. 8 individual bars.

3) 12 mm TMT Bar Bundle Size

12 mm TMT bars bundle comprises 6 individual bars, which is almost half of the number of 8 mm steel bars you would have got in a bundle. The 12 mm bars bundle can also be bought by the individual piece, in U bents, or by weight. 

The quantity of bars per bundle becomes even fewer upwards of 16 mm in size.  In a 16 mm TMT bar bundle, you’ll get only 3 pieces, and in a 20 mm TMT bar bundle you’ll get only 2.


Based on this knowledge, you can choose the rod size and bundle as per your requirements. Sugna TMT offers high-quality TMT bar bundles in different sizes.