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How To Calculate Steel Quantity For Slab?


A person who is looking to build a dream house must be aware of what exactly he/she requires to fulfill their dream of living in her own house. Building a house is not an easy job unless they have complete knowledge of all the materials that are used during the construction. 

One of the important pieces of information one must be aware of before planning to construct their house is how to calculate steel quantity for slab. There are certain things that one must look after themselves personally without leaving it to the builder is as how the slabs are being constructed and how much steel is used. 

Slabs are one of the most important aspects of building a house and if they are not built with proper care and steel then it could lead to a disaster. Hence, to make this happen, one must know how to calculate steel quantity or how to calculate slab steel quantity.

We at Sugna TMT care for our client’s dreams and want to fulfil them by providing all the required knowledge they need. Therefore, we are here with a new article on how to calculate steel quantity in RCC slab and also steel quantity calculations

Are you ready to know more about the steel quantity calculation formula? Then, why wait? Let’s start our journey by discovering new and new ways to calculate!!

Why steel is used in slabs?

While building a house, distribution steel is used in slabs to make sure the houses are built strongly and can last for a long. Steel helps to hold the slabs firmly and helps to stay stress-free and protects them from changing temperatures. Steel is mainly responsible for resisting the slabs from cracking or developing shear stress.

How to calculate steel quantity for slab?


A building includes numerous slabs and all the slabs use steel for support. Hence, one must make sure to add the proper amount of steel while constructing a house. However, the question that arises is how calculate steel quantity for a slab? If that is your question, you have come to the right place for the answer. 

Steel quantity is calculated by multiplying the cross-section of steel with its total density which can be 7850 kg/m3. The total steel quantity per slab must be equal to the total amount of main steel and stirrup steels. In simple terms, one can just multiply the length of the slab by its width and then divide the area by 12.5.

The above simple formula helps the builder to calculate the steel mesh that is required to make the slabs stronger and long-lasting. Sugna TMT has been one of those industries that are manufacturing steel for such slabs to make sure that their clients build their dream houses with strength. We are one of the largest steel manufacturing industries in the nation.

Steel quantity calculation formula

The quantity of steel for a slab can be calculated by the formula – 1% of the volume of concrete

For example, consider the volume of concrete is 7850, Quantity of steel = 0.01 * 7850 * 1 = 78.50 kg.

How to calculate steel quantity in RCC slab?

The Thumb rule to calculate steel in slabs is 3.5 kg to 4 kg/sq. ft of built-up area.

On the whole, approximately 3500 kg to 4000 kg of steel is required to build a 1000 square feet structure. This is one of the most basic important information that one must be aware of before building his/her own dream house. 

Final words

Calculating steel while constructing a structure may help you build the perfect house for your loved ones. Hope our readers are now aware of how to calculate steel quantity for slab and also the steel quantity calculation formula. We at Sugna TMT aim to build a stronger tomorrow by making our clients and readers knowledgeable. 

If you are looking for the best steel for supporting your building slabs, do not worry, Sugna TMT is here to help you out. Give us an opportunity and we will ensure you have a good time building your house. You call us at 180030101604 or even mail us at [email protected].