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How To Store TMT Bars Properly To Prevent Corrosion


Today, steel is used everywhere from kid’s toys to sky-touching multi-story buildings. It is one of the most used metals in the world and is also called magic metal. However, to build a structure, steel bars are used and TMT bars are one to remember when it comes to strength and power to sustain the pressure

Though there are several metals, TMT bars are highly recommended for any type of construction due to their special features. However, this can only be said and done when such metals are manufactured and stored carefully protecting their properties and preventing corrosion. Being a common man, we may not have such knowledge and this may affect us during construction.

Hence, in this article, we at Sugna TMT want to help our readers to understand or to educate themselves on how to store TMT bars properly to prevent corrosion. To know more about us, kindly visit 

Come on!! Let us begin our journey to know more.

What is corrosion and why is it dangerous?

Before moving on to the main topic let us understands what is corrosion and why is it necessary to prevent it.

When steel gets in contact with oxygen present in the air which consists of water, dust, and other particles, it slowly starts to react with the metal and break the microstructure of the steel. This effect first takes place on the outer surface of the TMT bar and slowly starts to spread to the entire area of the steel bar. 

This chemical reaction is irreversible and hence, there are several preventive methods are carried out to prevent such drastic damages.

How to store TMT bars properly to prevent corrosion?


Though the advanced TMT bars are corrosion resistant, one has to make sure to carry on this property by following the guidelines carefully to prevent corrosion. 

All the TMT bars once manufactured must be stored in a godown or a storage house where the place has enough ventilation. This may be one of the easiest ways to avoid a sudden drop in temperature in the room and outside.

The place where the storage facility is situated must be moisture free and no water dumps must be found in nearby areas. The air flown above the water may contain moisture in it and this may affect the TMT bars.

The temperature inside the storage facility must be pleasant. Too cold may bring back moisture on the bars. Hence, huge industries shall make sure to install heaters in monsoon seasons to make the air dry.

We at Sugna TMT follow all the guidelines to protect the steel from cancer called corrosion. We are in the field of manufacturing for more than a decade. Also, we are happy to state that all the clients that have come into contact with Sugna TMT have been satisfied and have been our permanent clients for so many decades. 

Storing liquid items such as paint, chemicals such as acids and fluids also may affect the TMT bar to corrode easily.


Corrosion is a serious problem and if not taken care of at the right time then it may end up in loss of life and building structures. Hence, we at Sugna TMT want our readers to be careful and follow all the guidelines mentioned above. We ensure corrosion-free TMT bars if the above steps are followed perfectly. 

Our motto is to keep our clients satisfied and for this, our experts are striving hard day and night. If you want to be a beneficiary of such an organization, call us today and book your appointment now.