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Steel, one of the finest forms of element, extracted from carbon and based out ofIron (Fe) is considered as the elixir of Construction Industry. The uniqueness in its propertiesmakes it preferred choice for manyother industries. If the boundaries of construction are brick and cement, then the core strength is steel.

One such form of steel is “The Bars”which have been Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT). This formation modulates the requirements without compromise on strength, stability, durability and sustainabilityhas opened many avenues of applications especially in building heavy structures

Any builder, civil engineer or a construction company would like to have the following

  • Advanced technological approach
  • Time saving construction methods
  • Finest material with best quality
  • Environmental feasibility
  • Lowest impact on his economic credibility.

Suguna TMT, not only fulfils the above requirements, but also forecasts on the futuristic adaptations to help reduce the burden caused due to the civil/construction engineering problems.

What developments in Steel Bar Making do we see now?

The Traditionally, Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) Reinforced that were used and are now replaced with Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars, which is now a major fundamental requirement for construction in India and other Global nations. TMT bars have also rapidly replaced the conventional High Yield Stress Deformed bars in RCC constructions.

What makes Suguna TMT bars special?

Corrosion is the most static problem seen in the construction making. A typical construction takes months to years depending on the scope of project taken over. The major phase of construction is exposed to environment considering the factors like heat, moist, rain etc. leading to corrosion of steel, ultimately losing it strength.

When it comes to properties, Suguna TMT bars are manufactured to cater such needs and producing bars with finest properties such as yield strength, toughness, ductility and most importantly corrosive resistance over traditional torsional bars. The multilayered microstructure having soft ferrite-pearlite core of TMT bars are susceptible to have high fatigue resistance and enables them to bear seismic and dynamic loads. This property makes them most suitable for construction applications in earthquake prone areas.

Suguna TMT Bars are preferred the most because of their flexibility nature, fine welding features. Our TMT Bars (having low carbon content) can be used for welded joints without reduction in material strength at the weld point. External ribs running across the entire length of our TMT bar will give superior bonding strength between the bar and the concrete that fulfils the bond requirement as per IS standards.

Forecasting the futuristic demand

Module to the domestic requirements, the manufacturing and supply of TMT is highly economical and safe without compromising on the quality, durability and sustainability. Hence forth, the demand is infinitely quoted in various application in the area of constructions of Bridges, Buildings, Unique structures, roads and many more…