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TMT Bars: Why are They Used for Construction Projects?

TMT Steel ………….. Strength that none can match

TMT or Thermo- Mechanically treated bars are high strength reinforcement bars having a tough outer core and a soft inner core. The strength of a building lies in its foundation. And good QUALITY TMT bars are essential construction material that makes the concrete structure strong, securing it from any damage.

TMT is most preferred in construction also over HYSD ( High yielding strength deformed ) steel because of its. Strength which are much stronger than conventional Bars and give up to 20% stronger concrete structure Higher elongation property is one of the unique features of TMT Bars. It makes a concrete structure safe from earthquake
related natural calamities.
Bend Properties
Due to unique feature of greater elasticity in TMT Bars, it provides a very good bending/ re-bending option during application in construction.
Corrosion Resistant
TMT Bars provides very good corrosion resistance due to it’s controlled chemistry of raw material inputs, which provides a longer life concrete structure.
Fatigue Resistant
TMT Bar have high Fatigue Resistance on dynamic loading on account of the high strength of the surface layer.
TMT Bars with low carbon equivalent content can be used for butt/ lap and other weld joints without reduction in
strength at the weld joints.

TMT Bars are better than HYSD bars because:

  • TMT bars do not surface flaws when compared with HYSD bars as the manufacturing process in the  TMT bars does not involve twisting or torsional stress.
  • When compared with TMT bars, HYSD bars increase the consumption of steel by 8% to 11% when used in the same construction.
  • TMT bars come with a stronger external layer, something which is missing in HYSD due to ductile nature of the core and hard crystalline surface of TMT steel.
  • When compared with TMT bars, HYSD bars cannot provide flexibility and ductility, thus limiting their use in different types of construction works.
  • TMT bars have less residual stress due to the better manufacturing process and have better tensile strength when compared with HYSD bars.
  • TMT bars are effective in earthquake-prone zone and cope better with sudden load surges and absorption when
    compared with HYSD bars.
  • TMT bars are more corrosion resistant when compared with HYSD bars, this is mainly due to rapid quenching and tempering used in TMT bar manufacturing process.

Both TMT and TOR steel bars are high in strength, but TMT bars are still considerably stronger. Due to their superior strength and high-resistance to corrosion, TMT bars are the number one preference for coastal construction, where extreme humidity is a big problem. TOR is a good general purpose steel bar.

Hence TMT is the best choice for any or every construction. The reliability is par excellence.