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TMT Bar vs TMX Bar – Which is Better? 



There are various kinds of steel bars in the market and finding the right kind of bars which is suitable for your construction project can prove to be a difficult job. But do not worry! To make it easier for you, here in this article we are differentiating between the two major advanced steel bars on some of the major aspects. 

TMT and TMX Bars are the two most extensively used steel bars for most projects, and hence the confusion is always between these two. Therefore, let us tell you about the pros and cons of each kind of steel bar by differentiating them on the key points. 


We also tell you which one is a better steel bar, overall. So without much adieu, let’s get started. 


TMT and TMX Bars – Introduction 

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars which are named after the process followed to manufacture them are unique due to their rare properties and are popular for their superior strength. Such bars are manufactured using the ‘Tempcore’ technology. The quenching part of the process enables the production of high-quality bars with less carbon steel. 

Thermax Steel (TMX), also called ‘New Generation Bar’, on the other hand, is manufactured through a German technology called ‘Thermax’ to manufacture quality bars.


Differences between TMT & TMX

When it comes to the comparison between TMT and TMX steel bars, you will find a lot of content on the internet favoring one kind or the other. However, here we compare TMT and TMX steel bars in an unbiased and objective manner, based on some of the key points of contrast.


  • Manufacturing Process

The major point of difference between TMX and TMT steel bars gives rise to all other differences in the manufacturing process itself. The Thermax technology adopted in the manufacturing of TMX bars is fundamentally different from the thermo-mechanical process used in TMT bars. 

Both the processes have similar inputs but yield completely different steel output – having different properties with respect to strength, ductility, and flexibility.  


  • Properties 

While TMT bars provide the required strength for the construction of all kinds of buildings, TMX bars have been found to be even stronger. Thermex Steel has a comparatively lower carbon percentage of around 0.15%. 

However, such over-the-top and enhanced strength is not required for general-purpose construction activities, and TMT steel bars work the best in most of the cases. 


  • Uses 

TMX bars find their application in large-scale and complex projects which require the steel structures to be extraordinarily strong. Such construction projects might include dams, power plants, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.

 For all other purposes such as house construction, office complex construction, public buildings, etc., TMT steel is the ideal steel considering the strength, properties, and other factors. 


  • Cost Comparison

The cost involved becomes a major point of contention when it comes to choosing between TMT and TMX steel bars. TMX bars, being higher-order steel, are more expensive than TMT bars, and that too by a great margin. 

Apart from the input costs, the technology used in TMX bars is still pretty new, and hence their cost often comes out to be unjustifiably high. The difference in costs piles up exponentially with the scale of the project and the amount of steel required for it. 

Therefore, the cost projections become very important when choosing between TMT and TMX steel bars. 


  • Availability 

TMT bars have been in the market for a long time now, and in fact, are extensively being used in a large number of projects. There are several manufactures all across the country, such as Sugna TMT. 

Sugna TMT manufactures and supplied one of the best quality steel bars in Hyderabad, with a massive installed manufacturing capacity. The supply of TMX bars, on the other hand, is still not readily available which can become a cause of concern for several projects. 


Which one is better? 

Considering all the factors properties, uses, costs, availability etc, one can easily conclude that TMT bars fair higher than TMX for all kinds of general projects. TMT steel provides the required strength and flexibility, while not digging a hole in your pocket. 

TMX bars, though are of even better quality, but they offer something that may not be required for your project. Add to it the higher costs, and TMX bars certainly do not fair that good. 



TMT and TMX are two of the most commonly used steel bars in construction nowadays. One must not get carried away with false information while making the choice. 

One must take an informed decision considering all the factors and the requirements of the project. Whatever the choice you make, it is important that you always get the best quality of steel for your project.

Sugna TMT is a premium steel manufacturing company in Hyderabad which manufactures high-quality TMT bars for all kinds of project.