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Important FAQ on TMT Bars


Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) Bars – the gold standard of construction steel is also the most widely used construction material in the world. The true strength of the TMT bars lies in the fact that it is probably the only TMT Bar that strikes the right balance between ductility and flexibility.

We all know that the quality and type of material used in construction are of immense importance. This is for a simple reason that the life span of the construction is directly related to it.  

Now, when buying these bars, some certain factors and doubts arise in our minds, and to help you with that here are the most important FAQ on TMT bars.

  1. What is TMT?

TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment. It is a manufacturing process wherein hot rolled steel wires are made to pass through water. These bars have more yield strength than Mild Steel with the help of thermal processes such as heat-treatment, water quenching, heating, and cooling at various rates into a single process


  1. Why TMT bars are the best compared to other common steel bars?

TMT bars are striking differences from the traditional steel bars. The primary point of difference is that TMT bars have a ferrite-pearlite core which is flexible, coupled with a robust martensite external surface. These bars have several enhanced properties that make them better in every way.

Strength, better ductility, malleability, corrosion resistance, and weldability are such properties that declare the TMT bar highly economical and safe to use.


  1. Are TMT Bars Earthquake Resistant?

Features of TMT bars include flexibility, ductility, elongation, and enormous strength. Elongation and ductility of TMT bars help in retain the structure integrity during earthquake or such natural disaster. Without breaking the steel, it can absorb the shock during earthquake situation,


  1. What is the advantage of opting for corrosion resistance TMT bar?

The main reason for failure in any reinforcement concrete structure is due to corrosion of Steel used in the concrete. Thanks to the thermo-mechanical treatment, TMT Bars are highly rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. This makes them the best suited in the humid and coastal states. 


  1. How to choose the right TMT bar?

A large number of good TMT bar manufacturers have emerged in India over the period of time. As a result, choosing the right one can get really confusing. In order to go for the right TMT bars, choose reputed brands that have ISO certification and manufacture TMT bars under strict quality checks.

TMT steel bars come in different grades and makes and the right one can be chosen as per your requirements. Grades of TMT bars Fe-450, 500, and 550. Note here that the higher the grades, the stronger the TMT bars. 


  1. Which are the areas where TMT bars are used?


TMT steel is the recommended steel quality for large-scale and commercial constructions. And why not? Amongst all kinds of steel available, it offers the maximum tensile strength, longevity, as well as shockproof properties, amongst other properties. 


Major areas where TMT steel is used are Power Plants, Dams, Airports, Bridges, Stadiums, Highways, and Flyovers. 

Apart from these, it is also used in

  • High Rise Construction
  • Complex Structures


  1. Are TMT Bars Fire Resistant?


Yes. In fact, fire resistance is one of the primary differentiating properties of TMT. We know that whether it is a residential house, a commercial building, or any other structure, there’s always a chance of exposure to fire due to short-circuits and other reasons. 

In fact, globally many buildings collapsed due to fire hazards. Up to 600 degrees Celsius heat can be absorbed by TMT Bars..


  1. Are TMT Bars Cost-Effective?

TMT bars not only ensure high durability and enhance the longevity of the construction structures but also offer notably higher tensile strength and better elongation value. Further, they also reduce the cost through the below factors:


  • Reduced Laborers

TMT bars are inherently more malleable and showcase better weldability compared to the general use steel bars. That means they can be easily and swiftly bent into various shapes and also welded accordingly.


  • Maintenance Savings

The unique special corrosion-resistant features with superior bonding strength allow the TMT bars to stay robust and last long in hot or cold or tropical or saline climates.


  • Transportation Savings

One of the biggest advantages of TMT steel is that it is extremely lightweight, and hence extremely convenient to transport from the factory to the site, and assemble on-site. This results in reduced labor and transportation costs facilitating efficient and lower construction costs.


  1. Why is Sugna TMT a good choice for TMT steels?

Sugna TMT is one of the highly esteemed and experienced metal industries in Hyderabad, Telangana. It is well-identified for its 100% client satisfaction. Under the leadership of Mr. Bharath Kumar Agarwal Sugna TMT is building a Stronger Tomorrow.



Before buying TMT bars one must go through the FAQ to have a better understanding of the features and properties of TMT Steel Bars and also to be able to use the TMT Bars in a wider area. Usage and features are the main factors to be considered in a FAQ.