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Here’s the List of Eco-Friendly Building Materials For Construction


In today’s times, the environment and sustainability have taken the center stage in all walks of life and work. And rightly so! The rate at which our environment is getting degraded, if we do not wake up now and adopt eco-friendly means, days are not far when we will be in serious trouble. 

However, have you ever wondered how you can be eco-friendly in building construction as well? Yes! Building construction is one of the prime sources of the creation of long-term environmental hazards. Moreover, if done the right way, the use of eco-friendly building materials such as TMT steel bars can actually contribute towards reducing the carbon footprints of the earth. 

In this article, we are going to share with you a list of at least 4 different eco-friendly building materials which you can use in your building construction, and contribute your bit towards a better and more sustainable earth. 

So without much adieu, let’s get started! 

Eco-Friendly Building Materials Used For Construction

  • Rammed Earth 

The use of rammed earth is one of those traditional construction technologies that have been used for centuries, and have found their relevance once again in modern times. It involves the use of organic and natural materials such as calk, earth, gravel, and lime, which is compacted form, can be used in building foundations, floors, and walls. 

The best thing about rammed earth is that it is a highly affordable solution and offers properties that are similar to the highest quality of construction materials. In fact, the use of rammed earth in construction saves a lot of time and labor as well. Its thermal properties make it ideal for use in colder areas, which is an added advantage. 

  • TMT Steel Bars

Steel is one of the most important materials that go into the construction of any building. If the construction is large scale and involves high rises or mega structures, then a lot more steel is required for the building frames. Therefore, to reduce the carbon footprint of such buildings, it is important to use eco-friendly steel, the prime example of which is TMT steel bars

TMT steel bars are made of 100% recyclable steel without any compromise on the quality and strength of the material. Such steel offers great tensile strength, impressive elongation, and a lot of flexibility as well. In fact, most modern-day constructions have been using TMT steel exclusively for a long time now. 

Therefore, choosing to source TMT steel bars for your building from a good steel manufacturer can be your first step towards eco-friendly construction. 

  • Bamboo

When we talk about eco-friendly construction materials, how can we not talk about Bamboo? Bamboo, no doubt, is one of the most widely used eco-friendly materials with widespread uses and great properties. 

Bamboo is actually a type of grass (and not wood) that is grown and used across the world. Bamboo has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, with a comprehensive strength higher even than concrete and brick. What more? Bamboo is known to be a durable material and lasts long. 

Therefore, Bamboo makes for one of the best materials to be used in building following and cabinetry. It is a good substitute for wood and can save you tonnes of money as well! 

  • Straw Bales

You may not be aware of this hidden gem of a building material called Straw Bale! It is a green building material that can be used for building frames, amongst other uses. Straw Bales are known to show soundproof properties. Therefore, you can use it for filling the hollows between columns and in beams.

Straw can be grown and harvested on large scales and has a minimal environmental impact. In fact, compiling straws into bales is also a very efficient, easy, and time-saving process. Therefore, using straw bales in your bruising construction is a win-win-win! 


There are many eco-friendly building construction materials that you can and should use in your projects. Materials such as TMT steel bars are widely available in different variants, and you can source them from the best steel factory, such as Sugna TMT.