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Why TMT steel bars are better than other steel bars?


When it comes to building construction, steel forms the core of it, quite literally! Therefore, it is absolutely important that you invest in the right kind of steel bars for your building! 

Gone are the days when there were limited types of steel bars to choose from. Today, there are many options and hence the choice is even more difficult to make! But don’t worry; we are here to help you! 

Here we tell you about the advantages of TMT steel bars, and why you should choose only and only TMT steel for use in your building construction. So without much adieu, let’s get started!

Why TMT Steel Bars are better than any other steel bars?

  • Better Ductility

Any construction professional would tell you about the importance of ductility for steel bars. Ductility is to steel what shine is to diamond! 

And guess what? TMT steel offers you much more ductility as compared to the other kinds of steel bars. What this means is that they offer you better elongation, which in turn makes them easy to handle and manageable. In fact, the ductility of TMT steel bars also makes them easy to carry.

Therefore, the first and foremost reason why you should choose TMT steel bars over other kinds of steel is for their ductility and ease of handling. 

  • Flexibility

TMT steel bars are known to be highly flexible. These bars can be bent and twisted to great extents, without the possibility of any cracks or breakage. This flexibility allows the builders to play around with steel bars and make the best use of them, enhancing the overall strength and durability of the building. 

  • Corrosion Resistant

A corrosion-resistant steel frame is critical for the long-term strength and durability of any building. Traditional steel bars start rusting pretty fast on coming in contact with concrete. 

Interestingly, TMT steel bars also have better corrosion-resistant capabilities as compared to CTD and other kinds of steel bars. In fact, TMT steel by far has shown the best corrosion-resistant capabilities for any steel bar to date, and many constructors would vouch for it. 

  • Fast Assembling

On-site assembling and installation of the steel frames form one of the most important steps in the construction of any building. It’s a time-taking process and has to be completed before any further construction can progress. 

Thanks to their flexibility and easy to handle nature, TMT steel bars are easy and convenient to assemble into frames, which saves a lot of time during building construction. This way, you can bring down the overall time required for the construction of your building, without any compromise on the quality of construction. Isn’t it amazing?! 

  • Superior Welding Ability

TMT steel bars are also known to offer better and stronger welding ability. TMT steel bars gel up well with each other through welding, providing strong and unbreakable pints. No doubt, strong joints make your building stronger, eliminating future contingencies and the need for repairs. 

  • Calamity Proof

TMT steel bars are the preferred steel bars for building construction in areas prone to earthquakes, landslides, and thunderstorms, etc, due to their calamity-proof properties. Thanks to its inherent better strength and flexible nature, TMT steel can withstand strong winds and shocks, preventing the building from falling apart or developing cracks. 

Therefore, the use of TMT steel bars is highly recommended from a building safety point of view as well.

  • Cost-Effective

Finally, and most importantly, TMT steel bars are highly cost-effective as compared to other kinds of steel bars. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, top TMT steel manufacturers such as Sugna TMT are able to offer high-quality TMT steel bars at highly affordable prices, bringing your const of construction down by a great margin. 

Best part? TMT steel bars are 100% recyclable with ZERO compromises on quality! 

The Bottom Line

Having known all of these advantages of TMT steel bars, what are you waiting for? It is inevitable that you should use only high-quality TMT steel bars for your building construction, and get them from a top steel manufacturer such as Sugna TMT