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Know About the Different Types of TMT Bars


Gone are the days when there were one of two types of steel bars, and there were not many options to choose from when purchasing steel for building constriction. Today, there are not only different types of steel but also many different grades and qualities of each kind. 

Let’s say that you choose to use the most recommended kind of steel, i.e. the TMT steel bars for your building construction. Now there are many different grades of TMT steel, each having its own features and uses.

Therefore, if you are looking to source steel TMT Bars for building construction, then it is very important that you are aware of all the different qualities and grades, and choose the one which is most relevant to your construction needs. Here, we discuss all the different kinds of TMT steel bars, along with their composition, features, and uses. 

Different Grades of TMT Bars

  • Fe 415 Grade

Fe 415 TMT is the most ductile and low-cost TMT steel bar that is best suited for small-scale constructions.  Thanks to the ductility and flexible nature, Fe 415 grade can be bent and molded into smaller frames, which comes very handy during the construction of intricate building structures. 

The chemical composition of Fe 415 grade steel is: Carbon – 0.30%, Sulphur – 0.06%, Phosphorous – 0.06%, and S+P – 0.110%. As far as the mechanical properties are concerned, Fe 415 Grade steel bars from a good steel manufacturer would provide you a yield strength ranging between 415 N/ and 485N/ along with an elongation of 14.5%. 


  • Small scale structures
  • Residential apartments, houses
  • Earthquake resistant construction


Fe 500 grade

The Fe 500 grade is the standard TMT bar grade that is ideal for most kinds of building construction. Fe 500 grade offers good strength and high ductility at the same time – a perfect combination! You can also go with its variants Fe 500D and Fe 500S, but of course, you should source them from a good steel company such as Sugna TMT.

The chemical composition of Fe 500 grade TMT bars comprises of Carbon – 0.30%, Sulphur- 0.055%, Phosphorous – 0.055%, and S+P – 0.105%. With this composition, you get a yield strength ranging between 500 N/ and 545N/, which is considerably high than the one provided by Fe 415 grade. 


  • High Rise Building 
  • Multi-Story Residential Projects
  • Stadiums, Bridges


  • Fe 550 grade

Fe 550 grade goes a step ahead and takes the game to the next level when it comes to providing superior tensile strength. This makes it ideal for all kinds of large-scale, industrial and commercial projects.

Fe 550 grade steel bars have 0.30% Carbon, 0.055% Sulphur, 0.050% Phosphorus, and 0.100 S+P. And guess what? Fee 550 grade TMT steel from a leading steel factory will provide you a ductile strength of up to 585N/ and an elongation percentage still as high as 10%. 


  • Industrial Projects, Factories, and Power Plants
  • Bridges  Road Construction
  • Coastal and Marine Projects 
  • Underground Construction 
  • Fe 600 grade

Fe 600 grade is the strongest and ultimate grade of TMT steel that you will get from any steel manufacturer. Comprising of 0.30% Carbon, 0.04% Sulphur, 0.04% Phosphorus, and 0.075% S+P, this grade of steel offers a tensile strength of up to 660 N/ and finds selective use only in large scale projects which require this high strength.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right grade of steel based on the nature and scale of your construction project is very important. Equipped with the above knowledge, we are sure that you will be able to choose to source the right grade of TMT steel from a top steel company such as Sugna steel. 

For further queries and assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help!