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Chemical Composition of Steel TMT Bars

Chemical Composition of Steel TMT Bars

TMT Bars are essential for all kinds of construction, and every builder makes use of them. However, have you ever wondered what exactly these bars are made of? Do these bars contain only steel or some other materials as well? What is the chemical composition of these bars? 

Well, in this article, we are going to address all your doubts about the chemical composition of the TMT bars. So hang on with us to know what different kinds of TMT bars are made of. 

Do all TMT bars have similar composition? 

Chemical Composition of Steel TMT Bars

Certainly, not. TMT bars come in different grades, with each grade having distinctive properties such as strength and ductility, and hence are suitable for specific purposes. And guess what? The primary differentiating factor that causes the difference in properties of different grades of TMT bards is their chemical composition. 

Hence, we have to study the chemical composition of TMT bars depending on their grade, one by one.

1. Fe 415 Grade

Fe 415 grade TMT bars contain Carbon – 0.30%, Sulphur – 0.06%, Phosphorous – 0.06%, and S+P – 0.110%. These properties give Fe 415 grade bars a yield strength ranging anywhere between 415 N/ and 485N/ As far as elongation is concerned, these bars give you an elongation of up to 14.5%. With this chemical composition and its properties, Fe 415 grade bars are ideal for small-scale construction like houses and residential apartments. 

2. Fe 500 Grade

Fe 500 Grade also contains Carbon at 0.30%. However, in this grade, Sulphur composition stands at 0.055%, and Phosphorous at 0.055%. The S+P composition stands at 0.105%. 

With these properties, you get a yield strength in the range of 500 N/ and 545N/, which is superior to Fe 415 grade. Hence, these bars are suitable for higher-end constructions like high-rise buildings, multi-story apartments, stadiums, bridges, etc. 

3. Fe 550 Grade

As far as Fe 550 grade steel bars are concerned, the composition comprises of 0.30% Carbon, 0.055% Sulphur, 0.050% Phosphorus, and 0.100 S+P. This gives an even higher ductile strength of up to 585N/, which is one of the highest for any grade of TMT Bars. At the same time, the bars have an elongation as high as 10%. 

4. Fe 600 Grade

Fe 600 grade is the highest grade of TMT bars which offer the highest strength. Its composition comprises 0.30% Carbon, 0.04% Sulphur, 0.04% Phosphorus, and 0.075% S+P, and offers a tensile strength of up to 660 N/ Such high-strength TMT bars are not generally used for regular construction projects but are the best for projects which require extraordinary strength and characteristics.


It is important to study and understand the chemical composition of different grades of TMT bars. Adequate knowledge of chemical composition will help you choose the most suitable and ideal grade for your construction requirements. Sugna TMT is one of the best manufacturers of TMT steel bars in Hyderabad.