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Best TMT Bars in Hyderabad(List of TMT Steel Suppliers)


Hyderabad, an IT and industrial hub and a rapidly developing city, consists of numerous highly advanced TMT bar manufacturers. In fact, it is the perfect place to find your best TMT steel bar for your dream construction. 

They are a variety of options to choose from in the aspects of strength, ductility, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Using the below information we are sure that one can surely make a perfect decision.

Here are the top 10 best TMT bar manufacturers for your further requirement. 

Best TMT Bar Manufacturers


#1 Tata Tiscon SD

Tata Tiscon SD is manufactured by Tata Steel Limited, Hyderabad. Made from pure steel every steel bar has the perfect balance of unbreakable strength, unbeatable ductility and manufactured from advanced technology. 

Tata Tiscon SD rebars have a uniform stress-bearing capacity of 500 MPa also opposed to ordinary rebars that crack over time, SD rebars can absorb extreme pressure and stand strong in any adverse situation.

#2 Vizag TMT 500D

Vizag TMT 500D is manufactured by RINL( Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited), Hyderabad. Vizag TMT 500D is of great strength and high ductility.

Compared to normal bars the elongation value is much higher and TMT 500D grades bar the UTS/YS ratio are always maintained more than 1.15. Due to its tensile strength, constructors can guarantee a healthy long-standing structure.

The best thing about Vizag steel bars is that they come from the public sector legacy. It makes them trustworthy, reliable, and bankable! 


Sail TMT HCR EAQR  is manufactured by Steel Authority of India Limited, Hyderabad. It possesses high corrosion resistance properties as well as high strength, excellent bendability, good weldability, and high-temperature thermal resistance. 

It is mainly used under RCC construction and earthquake-prone zones and also can withstand fire at a high rate.

#4 Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT

Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT is manufactured by Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Hyderabad. Fe 550D TMT grade bars have advanced physical, chemical, and mechanical properties as compared to other common bars’ strength grades. 

While manufacturing maintaining the percentage of carbon lower, ensure that the steel remains sufficiently ductile it is most likely suitable for earthquake resistance.

#5 Sugna TMT Bar

Very few industries in the market are well versed with the manufacturing of TMT bars and Sugna TMT is one among them. By introducing advanced technology they promise to deliver the best TMT bars with cost-effectiveness. Construction of every single structure is a new dream and Sugna TMT is helping us all to make that dream come true.

#6 Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT

Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT is manufactured by Shyam Steel Industries Limited, Hyderabad. Fe 500D TMT bars are ideal for heavy load RCC constructions such as flyovers, Power plants, bridges, dams, and other critical structures to withstand a high load of weight without giving away ductility. As this is produced under thermo-mechanical treatment it does not need pre or post-welding treatment.


ISTEEL XLS TMT is manufactured by VIKI industries Private Limited, Hyderabad. These XLS TMT bars are made up of copper to make sure the structure stays strong and healthy and lasts long. Uniform elongation of 6% gives the bar excellent bends and also rebends capabilities. 

With ISTEEL XLS ready-made steel there is no material wastage, which helps you save 8% of your construction cost leading to cost-effectiveness.


Kay2 XENOX TMT is manufactured by KAY2 Steel Limited, Hyderabad. KAY2 XENOX compact rib pattern offers a Hexagonal Molecular Bonding and adds longevity to the structure and also helps to stay immune to the damage during an earthquake. Hexagonal molecular bonding helps to overcome the corrosion rate when it comes in contact with concrete through its ribbon pattern.

#9 Rathi Shaktiman

Rathi Shaktiman is manufactured by Rathi Steel and Power Limited, Hyderabad. It’s India’s first unique double-66-pattern design equivalent to British standard B500C steel bars. The CNC notch cutting machine ensures a unique pattern that allows uniform bonding with concrete while constructing a structure.

#10 JSW Neosteel 500D

JSW Neosteel 500D is manufactured by JSW Steel Limited, Hyderabad. These TMT bars are made from virgin iron ore for better strength and durability. Neosteel 500D not only gives strength to the structure but also lowers the steel usage resulting in the reduction of construction cost.


There are many good TMT bars for constructing a structure in Hyderabad and every TMT steel bar has its own unique features and properties. One should be able to choose the right steel bar depending on the requirement and how big the structure being constructed. 

For example, Sugna TMT offers high-quality steel along with a huge installed production capacity to meet all your constriction steel requirements for all kinds of projects. 

Then why wait for any other! Contact us soon and get the best TMT steel bars at your doorstep and start building your dream house.