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Lower Construction Cost By Using TMT Bars


We all want our dream houses to be big, modernized, and fancy compared to others and also reduce cost consumption while building the structure. The aim of building a strong and durable house is quite common among all of us. To make this happen there are a variety of materials that can be used in the construction and TMT bars are one among them.

Yes, you heard it right. TMT bars are one of the highly recommended bars to be used in construction in order to reduce cost consumption. We at Sugna TMT also recommend the best quality TMT bars at affordable cost without compromising the quality. For more information visit us at

Wondering how it works? Then we have your solution. In this article, we shall see how TMT bars can be used in construction in order to reduce costs in different ways. Then why wait. Let’s get started.

5 Tips for Lowering Construction Cost using TMT bars


#1 Easy Maintenance

Every builder, after installing steel bars into the structure, goes through a process of spending money on maintaining the building after the construction. In the case of TMT, bar maintenance is not required. As the bars are corrosion resistant and have superior bonding strength with the cement.

TMT bars are manufactured with a unique process that helps the steel bar stay robust and can resist humid weather conditions.

#2 Require less quantity 

During the construction steel bars are installed between the cement to withstand the pressure of the structure. Common steel bars have to be installed more in quantity but when it comes to using TMT bars very little quantity is required.

TMT bars are well known for their strength and flexibility when compared to other common steel bars. This helps to reduce coat consumption while installing the bars.

#3 Protects from natural calamities

While constructing the building all the builders aim to build it strong which can withstand natural calamity especially earthquakes. We can make this happen by using TMT bars as their unique features help to withstand earthquakes. Thus, it is protecting the building against damages.

#4 Less storage space required

During the construction of the house, the steel bars have to be stored in a room for security purposes. This can cost us more but with TMT bars we can easily store the bars in a smaller space available. Due to its special flexible quality, it can be easily bent to any size required.

As the bars are manufactured from the Thermax process, the bars are lightweight resulting in plow cost consumption due to lesser laborers.

#5 Low transportation charges.

On the verge of constructing a building, every material has to be transported from one place to another and TMT bars can cost us less for transportation. As it is lightweight and flexible, a huge amount of TMT steel bars can be transported at once resulting in less cost for transportation.


After considering all the above facts we can conclude that using TMT bars can definitely lower our cost consumption at a huge rate compared to other common steel bars. Sugna TMT offers the best quality TMT bars which can help you save money for a long period of time. To get your TMT bar call us.