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TMT Bar Vs Normal Steel Bar : Here are 5 Main Differences


TMT steel bars or any normal steel bars are a goon to our world. Without these bars, we wouldn’t be staying in our dream houses or any other building structure. With the help of cement, these are used while constructing the building which makes them even stronger than before.

These steel bars are not only used in building houses but also in skyscrapers. We, at Sugna TMT, manufacture quality TMT bars for seven years and so on. We aim for one hundred percent satisfaction from our clients.

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As there is a number of steel bars, one might wonder what are the features of both. How to select and soon?

Do not worry; here we shall see what is the difference between the TMT bar and the Normal steel bar? Then why wait. Let’s get started:

Normal Steel Bar vs TMT Bar


#1 Strength

When it comes to strength, normal steel bars are not processed with any particular method where there is no guarantee that it can provide strength for our buildings.

On the other hand, TMT bars are qualified steel bars that are custom-made for high and challenging dream structures. These are manufactured by a process called Thermo Mechanical treatment where they go through a series of treatments such as heating and cooling by quenching of water etc. 

#2 Flexibility

As said earlier every steel bar has its own features and properties, but flexibility is not one among them when it comes to normal steel bats. If these bars are used in building constructions then one might face issues of flexibility.

Hence, Sugna TMT bars are one of the finest bars that are very flexible and can be bent at any shape without any external tools. As these bars are manufactured uniquely they are very soft from the core and hard from the outside.

#3 Cost Consumption

As normal steel bars are not manufactured according to the standards set by the quality department they may lack in strength. Though they do, the company can still charge us the same price as the other quality bars by false promises.

But when it comes to Sugna TMT we like to keep our customers happy hence we deliver the same quality product as promised. As we save around 20% of the cost while manufacturing when compared to others.

#4  Corrosion-resistant

Corrosion is a grave problem that degrades the quality of our building and can lead to a disaster. If the buildings are situated in regions where moisture content is more then there are chances where the bears are affected with corrosion, especially with these normal steel bars.

As Sugna TMT bars are corrosion-resistant, they can be used in every part of the country even in high humidity. TMT bars are the first choice of the constructor to use in sewage and canal construction.

#5 Earthquake resistant

This is one of the major reasons one should focus on before buying any steel bars. Normal steel bars do not have the strength to absorb the vibrations of an earthquake and thus, can lead to a disaster of the structure.

In the case of Sugna TMT bars, these TMT bars are tested and manufactured with a unique process to withstand high amounts of stress and vibrations. Their special design helps the building to stand still even in times of natural calamities.


After considering all the above points, it is clear that Sugna TMT bars are the best choice to opt for your buildings which guarantees a better future than any normal steel bars. To get in touch with us please call us or mail us.