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Primary Vs Secondary TMT Bars – Let’s See the Differences

Primary vs Secondary TMT Bars

It is no doubt that TMT bars have been a game changer in the field of construction. There are several TMT bars in India and every TMT bar is manufactured uniquely. The process of manufacturing may differ from one TMT bar to another but the goal is to produce the finest of them all.

TMT bars have been classified into two that is primary TMT bars and secondary TMT bars based on their different processing method. Before choosing a TMT bar, one must be aware of it and to make this happen we at Sugna TMT have been researching these topics and are happy to present them to you. 

Sugna TMT bars are some of the highly recommended bars in India. To know more about Sugna TMT, please visit In this article, we shall see the difference between primary and secondary TMT bars. Then why wait? Let’s get going..!

Below are some of the factors in which we can differentiate primary TMT bars and Secondary TMT bars

Difference between Primary and Secondary TMT Bars

Primary vs Secondary TMT Bars

#1 Process

Primary TMT bars are made with the help of a blower to force the oxygen into molten rod in result lowering the carbon content and turning the raw material into steel. In this process, the content of the carbon dropped and strong steel was manufactured.

Secondary TMT bars are also called electric arcs. In this process instead of oxygen, an electric arc is used to heat the scrap iron until it reaches a molten state. This type of process can help the industry to produce more than 100 tonnes of steel within a short period.

#2 Raw Materials

Primary TMT bars are manufactured from integrated steel plants which can cause less harm when compared to secondary TMT bars.

Secondary TMT bars are manufactured from remelted scrap which can be unsafe because of impurities. Though the strength of both sheets of steel is equal primary TMT bars are preferred.

#3 Pattern

Primary TMT bars ribs are made from a CNC machine which can guarantee strength and bondage with the concrete with its uniform ribs formation.

When it comes to secondary TMT bars one can not assure you uniform ribs as it is done through hands using tools.

#4 Price 

Price is much higher in primary TMT bars when compared to secondary as it uses iron ore directly. The percentage of steel quality is also higher than in other metals.

In secondary TMT bars, the price is less as the quality of the TMT bars is not assured and is mainly due to a mix of detrimental elements.


Though both sheets of steel have their pros and cons they are used with equal demand. They are resistant to shocks and earthquakes and can help you build a strong home for your loved ones. 

Sugna TMT is one of those industries that is trying to produce such TMT bars which can benefit our clients in every way possible. To know more about us, call us at 1800 3010 1604 or mail us at [email protected].