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Ribs In TMT Bars : Why is it so important in TMT Bars?


While building a structure every aspect of the building is given equal importance such as base, pillars, roof, walls, etc. so that the structure remains intact from any surrounding events. In the same way, before manufacturing any item every part is very important to get a better outcome.

Hence, the same is applied while manufacturing TMT bars. One of the main pillars that support the strength of the TMT bars are ribs and many of us are not aware of this fact. No wonder TMT bars are the best among other steel bars. 

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Ribs in TMT Bars


What are ribs?

Ribs are part of the TMT bar design which helps the TMT bar to bond with concrete firmly. Due to these ribs, the structure becomes strong, and it also helps the TMT bar to withstand the stress and helps to remain strong for a long period of time. Ribs are also one of the reasons that help the structure to remain intact from natural disasters.

Why are ribs important in TMT bars?

While constructing a building installation of TMT is an easy job compared to other metals, ribs are one of the main reasons for the same. Let’s see why ribs act as an essential part of TMT bars.

#1 During construction TMT bars come in contact with concrete and these ribs ensure to hold the concrete instead of slipping down. Thus, the TMT bar promises the structure quality and increases the lifespan of the structure. This not only helps to long last but also in low maintenance as the bonding between the bars and concrete is strong; there are very fewer possibilities of maintenance.

#2 While the structure stands straight the load of the structure is passed on to the steel bars and concrete. These ribs help the TMT bars to evenly distribute the stress among the bars and concrete. Thus, no single bar undergoes pressure and loses strength.

#3 These ribs help the bar to sustain any Vibrations or any external force which may be caused due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes. In such situations, the bonding between concrete and TMT bars created by ribs helps the structure to stand firm. These ribbed TMT bars are mainly used in seismic zones.

Different types of ribs

#1 Transverse ribs 

Transverse ribs are nothing but the ribs present outside the steel bar in a ring form to support the bar providing proper grip and bonding with concrete. These ribs are also one of the main reasons through which TMT bars withstand stress.

#2 Longitudinal ribs

These ribs are line-like structure on the bars which is uniformly designed to corresponding to the vertical ribs. These ribs also act as load-bearing of the structure. We at Sugna TMT have included both types of ribs in a TMT bar. Our TMT bars are none of the most preferred TMT bars around the country.


Wasn’t that fun? Knowing what ribs are and their uses in the TMT bars. I hope it has surely enlightened us to buy TMT bars at the earliest. These bars are stronger and flexible because of the ribs and can withstand huge amounts of stress. We at Sugna TMT provide the best of the best bars for your dream structure. Contact us today and get your TMT bar. You can call us on _ or mail us at _.