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TMT Bars Vs HYSD Bars : Here are 7 Main Differences


We have all witnessed the uniqueness and the strength of the steel bars in our day-to-day lives. These steel bars have always proved themselves worthy among other metals and still stand among the top metals when it comes to strength and flexibility.  

In this rapidly evolving time it is our responsibility to question, are we on the right path in building a stronger tomorrow for our future? Constructing huge structures represents the confidence we tend to nurture in our future generation and choosing the right steel to build those structures is very essential.

Considering the responsibility on our shoulders, we at Sugna TMT bars have made it easy for you to choose the right steel bar among the best bars; TMT bars and HYSD bars. For more info please visit

Now sit back and read along while we present the different properties of TMT and HYSD bars in front of you. Let’s get started.

TMT Bars vs HYSD Bars


#1 Elasticity

TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treatment) bars have more elastic properties compared to HYSD (High Yielding Strength Deformed) bars which help in the reinforcement of concrete during the construction. Due to their advanced assembling process, TMT bars have higher residual stress and elasticity than HYSD bars.

#2 Corrosion

Though HYSD or Threaded steel bars are corrosion-resistant steel bars they are highly prone to corrosion when compared to TMT bars. TMT bars are manufactured with advanced technology called thermal where the bars go through sudden quenching and tempering during the process. This makes the bar more corrosion-free than HYSD bars.

#3 Flexibility

The construction works include every type of flexible and complicated structure and the best steel bars can only be trusted to withstand the structure. Hence, TMT bars are used widely compared to HYSD bars. Research has shown usage of TMT bars is less than 8% to 11% compared to HYSD bars.

#4 High-Stress limits

When compared to HYSD bars TMT bars have high stress-bearing limits due to their unique processing the bars have a hard outer surface and a softer core. This not only withstands high stress but also provides smoother weldability.

#5 Construction Cost

It has been proven that less usage of materials such as metals during construction is very cost-efficient without compromising the strength of the building. TMT bars have proven more strength bearing capacity than HYSD bars due to their unique manufacturing. Thus, less usage.

Sugna TMT bars are one among them. We have not only stood firm in terms of strength but also very cost-efficient as the quantity of the bars used during the construction is less compared to HYSD bars.

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#6 Surface Defects

The occurrence of defects affects the steel bars in the time of natural disasters. When an external force such as a flood or an earthquake hits the structure, the steel bars lose their strength and may end up in disaster. TMT bars are much better than HYSD as HYSD bars go through twisting and torsional stress.

#7 Strength

When compared to HYSD bars, TMT bars have more tensile strength and can withstand huge amounts of stress due to their advanced manufacturing process. As TMT is used widely, it is the first choice when it comes to choosing between HYSD bars and TMT bars. Due to its enormous strength, it is used in building huge structures such as bridges, tunnels, towers, etc.


Though both the steel bars are used for the construction, due to their unique properties the quantity and purpose of construction may differ from each other. We at Sugna TMT believe that both HYSD and TMT bars are their own special features that can build a better tomorrow.

Then what are you waiting for, call us today and order your right bar.