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Many people, who wish to construct a house for themselves, need advices regarding which materials to buy and which to avoid. TMT steel bar is one of those important materials used during constructions. Many might not know what TMT steel bars are and what makes TMT steel bars so special.
TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical process; meaning it is a process applied on the construction bars using both heat treatment and mechanical deformation. This process enhances the resistance of the steel bars from breaking under tension. In other words TMT steel bars are good in tensile strength, weldability and stress resistance which ensures safety to your constructions from natural disasters like cyclone, earthquake etc.

As you have now understood the importance of TMT steel bars, you should also understand the fact that there are few things to keep in mind before you end up purchasing a set of them. Always remember, that TMT steel bars are like the backbone for the construction field or civil engineering.

Top 5 Tips for Buying TMT Steel Bars:

1. Gradation of the bars:

TMT steel bars have different grades. The highest grade represents superior strength and quality. The grades for TMT steel bars in India include Fe415, Fe500 and Fe600. When opting for a set of bars from a TMT manufacturer, make sure you go with the ones with the highest grade. But it is not always obligatory to end up buying the highest grade of TMT steel bars. Let’s say you want your construction done in an area which is prone to earthquakes, then higher grades like Fe600 is a must.

2. Brand and certification:

This is an important factor when considering to buy TMT bars. Analyse the brand you wish to buy from. Check the brand’s reputation and the ISO certification of the brand. Brands like Sugna have always stick to the international safety standards. TMT steel bars from Sugna assures you with complete safety on your construction projects. Sugna TMT is BIS and ISO certified in accordance with the safety standards and it thoroughly follows quality control measures in their manufacturing units and determines the price and availability in the market.

3. Manufacturing procedure:

With the approach of technological innovation, the day-to-day TMT manufacturing procedure has become sophisticated. Under the sway of Sugna TMT the innovative technology produces high-quality TMT steel bars that offers better flexibility and strength to the construction bars. These contemporary technologies benefits a lot to the customers as well as the builders. It is requisite to choose manufacturers who have complete control over their raw material selection and chemical composition. Sugna TMT has a fully integrated plant and is high in demand.

4. Corrosion Resistance:

One of the unalterable factors of TMT steel bars is their capability of resisting corrosion. This, in a way, determines the longevity and robustness of your constructions. From reducing the cross-section to additional stress points, the chemical process affects the overall stability of the bars and in turn they are likely to be exposed to the moist conditions. It is recommended that you confirm the rust-resistant test of the TMT steel bars before purchasing them. The thermal stability of Sugna TMT bars is high making them safe from any unwanted accidents.

5. Flexibility:

Many customers focus mainly over the strength of the TMT steel bars and very often do they pay attentions to their flexibility. However, both the factors are equally important and are preferred mostly by project managers for engineering procurement contruction requirement. While the high tensile strength of TMT steel bars keep the load at the bay, their bending capacity is determined by their flexibility. Sugna TMT bars are incredibly flexible and have amazing bending capacity. With their advanced elasticity and higher elongation, Sugna TMT bars can be moulded into any shape in accordance to your construction design.