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Things to know about TMT rebars


Compromising the strength of the TMT bars will prove to be detrimental to the quality of the building. TMT bars withstand the weight of the load they carry. Hence, it is used in the city development projects such as bridges, highway construction, dams, towers, etc. 

It bears the burden of heavy-weight structures and also the aftermath of natural calamities as it can absorb huge amounts of energy.

Of late, TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treatment) bars have replaced conventional bars because they are environmentally friendly materials. Produced by specific processes, these bars have high tensile strength and are malleable. 

These bars don’t corrode easily and are the unshakable belief of builders lately. Hence, these bars are the best choice of the builders for every high structured civil project in the country.

There are many factors you should know before buying TMT bars. They are:


Manufacturing process

Many modern manufacturing processes have replaced conventional manufacturing processes such as cold twisted technology. Modern technology like temp core technology improves the quality of TMT bars. Information about the manufacturing process is available on the internet. 

The TMT bar goes through a series of treatments like water quenching, self temping, cooling which makes it unique from other steel bars. These processes help the bar to withstand huge amounts of stress for a longer period of time. Ask the shop owner before purchasing the TMT bars to ensure the quality of the structure.

Check for the grade of TMT bars

Any product has a quality that distinguishes one brand from another. Superior categories are usually of high quality and assure a robust building. There are grades like Fe 550D, Fe 600, Fe 640, CRS 500D. 

Two grades like Fe 500, Fe 550 D are more popular and apt for building shock-absorbing structures. Fe 500 and Fe 550 D are reinforced with cement making it a rugged construction. Fe denotes iron, and D (ductile) indicates the tensile quality of a bar. Fe 550 D has 16% more elongation property than the usual 12% norm.

 If you live in an earthquake-prone zone, using Fe 500 or Fe 550 D would be highly recommended. If you use these two types of bars, they consume only less steel during construction. 

Check for the certification of TMT bars

Every TMT bar is manufactured on IS standard basis. BSI, ISI certifications guarantee the quality of the bars. These certifications ensure that the manufacturers have taken care of the safety measures to ensure a sturdy building. Ask for the price from the seller and the code TMT steel bar HNS code. It shows the GST for the product that will add up to the original cost of the TMT bars.


Corrosion is a grave problem that degrades the quality of your building and can lead to a disaster. If your building is in a damp area, you should buy high corrosion-resistant TMT rebars. 

As these bars are corrosion-resistant, they can be used in every part of the country even in high humidity. Check for the quality of the bars before finalizing the purchase. TMT bars are the first choice of the constructor to use in sewage and canal construction.

The flexibility of the TMT bars

Flexible bars are preferred when builders construct a high-raised building. The bars that bend without a splinter should do the work perfectly. 

As TMT bars go through thermo-mechanical treatment, their inner core is soft and hard on the outside enabling us to bend the bar in any shape wanted. The quality of the building is compromised when the bars break during the construction of a structure.

Sugna TMT bars offer strong but flexible bars that help in creating an uncompromising bond between them and cement. They use modern technology to manufacture malleable, flexible, and strong TMT bars for you. Log in to to know the products we sell.


The manufacturing process of the TMT bars is constantly improved to find an effective tailor-made manufacturing process to suit the needs. When you shop for the best TMT bars, buy those bars to save some money in your pocket. TMT rebars with tensile properties twist and twirl according to your building plan.

Sugna metals ltd manufactures strong, easy bending, earthquake waves absorbent, tolerant, superior quality TMT bars. They are highly malleable and ductile because of the unique combination of carbon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus for making these bars. 

We at Sugna TMT believe in providing quality TMT bars with low-cost consumption without having to compromise on the quality. Get in touch with us now and make your dream home come true.


The quality of the TMT bars decides the strength of the building. Quality TMT bars with flexible and tensile quality help the builders to construct a sturdy structure. Sugna TMT assures quality and cost-efficiency.