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Things to know about the Tempcore Process Of TMT Bars


Before delivering a finished high-quality TMT bar to its destination, the steel bar goes through several processes, procedures, and tests to become the highly demanded TMT bar. From mining the raw materials from the earth’s core to reaching our homes, the metal is built and designed by various machines and methods.

One of those methods is Tempcore, which has kept the TMT bar at its highest level of appreciation. Though TMT bars undergo many types of processes, Tempcore has been one of the highly recognized methods as it is the reason for the ultimate strength and flexibility of TMT bars.

Using this process there are only a few of the industries that manufacture TMT bars and Sugna TMT is one of them. Aiming to satisfy the customers with its determined and honest service, Sugna TMT has come a long way. We at Sugna TMT believe in building a better tomorrow. For more information, please visit

We are here, to present you with a detailed article about the Tempcore process. Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get started…


What is the Tempcore process?

During the Tempcore process, a hot rolled steel bar in a rolling mill is quenched with water immediately after the bar comes out of the hot oven. Air is also blown to cool the steel bar down from a high temperature bringing it to room temperature. This lets the bar retain core heat and cool down from the outer layer.

This process was developed in the early 1970s at Liege Belgium in order to achieve super-strength TMT bars with better flexibility. This invention has led to many skyscrapers and underground tunnels enduring enormous stress. The Tempcore process has made TMT bars as builders’ best choice in many ways when compared to others.

Advantages of Tempcore process

Though there are a variety of steel bars with different processing techniques that have their own advantages or benefits that pertain to the structure. We at Sugna TMT have always been fascinated by Tempcore TMT bars and have always followed our passion for manufacturing the best TMT in the country. Here are some of the advantages that can be achieved by TMT bars by which their clients get more satisfied.

1 Bendability

Due to this process, TMT bars have soft inner cores and harder outer layers which helps in better bendability.

2 Flexibility

This method also helps TMT bars to achieve high flexibility which may result in withstanding high stress from huge structures.

3 Corrosion Resistant

The tempcore process allows the TMT bar to become resistant to corrosion and highly fire-resistant.

4 Disaster Prevented

It is the only process that lets the TMT bars withstand high amounts of shock during natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.


Considering all the above information, we can conclude that there is no better process than Tempcore which can produce the ultimate TMT bar. At Sugna TMT, we try to bring all this into reality and to please our clients. Give us a call to know more or even mail us.