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Why TMT Steel Bars are best for Earthquake Zone?

Safety is one of the most important aspects of modern-day construction. There is no doubt that in today’s times; any construction must take into consideration the ability of the structure to withstand earthquake shocks and other natural occurrences such as landslides, cyclones, and thunderstorms.  

And guess what? The type and quality of the steel used in the construction play the most important role in determining the earthquake resistance qualities of the construction. Wonder how? 

Well, in this article we tell you in detail how and why TMT steel bars are best for construction in an earthquake zone, and why you should choose only TMT steel from a good steel manufacturer for your building construction. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

Features of TMT steel Bars That Make Them Best for Earthquake Zones

  • Ductility

Ductility is one of the most important properties of TMT steel that help it withstand even major shocks that would otherwise cause great damage to the building. Any TMT steel bar manufactured in a good steel factory in hyderabad following the due process would possess a robust external layer but a relatively soft and flexible inner core. This leads to high ductility of the TMT steel bars, which is instrumental in absorbing the shocks in the event of a quake. 

  • Elongation

Along with high levels of ductility, TMT steel bars are also known to show great elongation properties. What this means is that during the event of an earthquake, the inelastic strains are handles in a better way. Due to a high elongation index, TMT steel bars would absorb the shocks and the damage to the building would be minimal. Isn’t it just what you desire, as a building owner or constructor?

  • High Tensile Strength 

The tensile strength of the steel bars used is one of the most fundamental things that provide earthquake-resistant properties to any building. And believe us, TMT steel bars offer the highest levels of tensile strength for any steel bar. In fact, the Fe 500 grade and higher variants of TMT steel offer varying levels of high tensile strength, and you can choose the grade which best matches the requirements depending on your construction, type, size, scale, and other materials used. 

  • Corrosion Resistance

TMT steel bars are known to be the most corrosion-resistant and rust-proof steel bars that are available today. The anti-corrosion properties of TMT steel ensure that the inherent strength of the bars is maintained for a long, and they do not become weak and fragile with time due to corrosion. Hence, due to this maintained strength of the bars, TMT steel can withstand high magnitude shocks even after years of construction. 

  • Yield Strength 

Yield strength refers to the property of the steel bar to restore to its original shape after getting temporarily deformed under stress, during seismic activity. No doubt, this property of steel bars is critical to minimizing the damage to the building due to earthquake shocks. Thankfully, the TMT steel bars manufactured at a reliable steel factory come with high yield strength, and hence are ideal for construction in earthquake zones, with regard to this parameter as well! 

  • Design 

Have you ever observed the cross-rib formation of the TMT steel bars? Well, this formation is there for a reason, and it too plays an important role in providing shock resistance during a seismic event. The cross-rib formation on the TMT steel bars ensures that the RCC structure gels up well with the concrete and the concrete is always tightly bound with the RCC structure. No points for guessing that this mutual adhesiveness goes a long way in ensuring the stability of the structure during an earthquake. 

These were the top properties of TMT steel bars that make them shockproof and capable of withstanding even earthquake shocks of large magnitude. Aren’t there too many reasons why you should prefer TMT steel bars only for construction in earthquake zones? 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are looking to start construction at a place that comes under the zone of high seismic activity, then it’s extremely important that you give due diligence to the type of steel bars that you are using in the construction. 

TMT steel bars are the best and most reliable for construction in earthquake zones, as indicated by the several properties of TMT steel that we have listed in this article. However, make sure that you source your TMT steel bars only from a top-class TMT steel manufacturer, such as Sugna TMT.