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Here is the list of Top 10 FAQs on TMT Steel Bar


Choosing the right kind of steel from the right steel manufacturer can prove to be a challenging task. This is especially true in today’s times when there are multiple options to choose from, and it’s so easy to go wrong. 

However, you need not worry, as we are here to solve all your queries and apprehensions, at least as far as TMT steel bars are concerned. In this article, we answer the 10 most frequently asked questions pertaining to TMT steel bars, their features, quality, and manufacturing. 

These questions and answers will show you why and how TMT steel bars are the best steel bars for any kind of construction, and hence will help you make a better-informed decision that you won’t have to regret later. So without much adieu, let’s get straight into it! 

Frequently Asked Questions on TMT Steel Bar

1. What is the full form of TMT?

TMT stands for ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’. The TMT steel bars go through this specialized process as an integral part of their manufacturing. This very process adds unique, differentiating, and very useful properties to the steel bars, and hence the name. 

2. What are the features and properties of TMT steel bars? 

The key characteristics of TMT steel bars include high ductility, flexibility, corrosion resistance, unparalleled tensile strength, and shockproof properties. TMT steel bars are also known to be long-lasting and stand the test of time. Moreover, TMT steel bars in hyderabad are easy to transport, assemble, and weld with each other strongly. 

3. How many types of TMT steel bars are there?

There are many different variants and grades of TMT steel available, which exhibit varying properties, especially in terms of tensile strength. Fe 415 grade TMT is the lowest quality of TMT steel, though it also shows excellent anti-corrosion and ductile properties. TMT steel variants with higher strength includes Fe 500 grade and Fe 550 grade, while Fe 600 is the strongest steel recommended for large-scale structures and buildings. 

4. Is TMT steel earthquake resistant? 

Yes, one of the best properties of TMT steel bars is that they are earthquake resistant, can withstand major shocks, and minimize damage even in case of super shocks. However, you can rely only on the TMT steel bars that are manufactured by a leading steel company in hyderabad lime Sugna TMT. 

5. What is the lifespan of TMT steel? 

Thanks to their anti-corrosion and anti-rusting properties, TNT steel bars are known to have a longer life span than regular steel bars. The exact life span of the TMT steel depends on the quality of construction, the materials used, construction style, and many other factors. 

6. How are TMT steel bars made?

TMT steel bars are made by following an elaborate 3-step manufacturing process at the steel factory. The steps in TMT steel manufacturing include:

  1. Procession of raw iron ore for steel making
  2. Conversion of iron to steel
  3. Thermo Mechanical Treatment & Hot Rolling

These steps eliminate the slug from the steel and purify it while enhancing its useful properties like strength and ductility. 

7. Is TMT steel rustproof?

Yes, TMT steel is known to show the highest level of rust-proof properties for any steel bar. Its rust-proof properties are derived from the Thermo mechanical treatment that it goes through during the manufacturing process at the steel factory

8. Is TMT steel costly?

TMT steel bars would cost you more as compared to the regular low-quality steel bars. However, if you do a cost-benefit analysis and factor in the numerous benefits of using TMT steel bars from a good steel company, it is completely worth it and immensely beneficial in the long term. 

9. Is TMT steel good for large-scale commercial construction? 

Yes. In fact, TMT steel is the recommended steel quality for large-scale and commercial constructions as it offers the maximum tensile strength, longevity, as well as shockproof properties for any kind of steel bar. The Fe 600 grade of TMT steel is recommended for such construction. 

10. Where are TMT steel bars available?

TMT steel bars are being manufactured by some of the top steel manufacturers and must be bought only from a trusted and reliable steel company. Sugna TMT is known to be one of the leading manufacturers of TMT steel and the best TMT steel factory in hyderabad, telangana

11. Where to find FE 550 and FE 500D TMT Bars?

Sugna TMT is the best answer for this query. You can find the FE 550 and FE 500D TMT Bars in Hyderabad at Sugna TMT.

FE 550 and FE 500D TMT Bars in Hyderabad


We are sure most of your queries related to TMT steel bars would have been covered in the 10 most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us in case you have more queries. At Sugna TMT, we are a leading steel company and the best in the business!