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Types Of Concrete Cracks


We all have heard the saying “If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass”, well in this case it is literally true. 

In the olden days, our ancestors used to build things such as houses or shelters with various things or just with mud. Even though the house stood still for a long time there was always the fear of falling due to high wind or rain. 

As mankind evolved, we have invented many things and concrete is one of them. Concrete has been one of the most promising building materials one can ever come across. There are numerous structures that have been built by using tons of cement and steel bars. 

The strong binding is only useful when a strong material holds the weight and Sugna TMT has been producing one of the highly recommended TMT bars for a long time. We at Sugna TMT have always believed in building a stronger tomorrow and with the help of TMT bars and concrete bonding we are able to do it with ease.  For more information, please visit

Though concrete is known for its ultimate strength and bonding, it also has a major drawback of cracking which may lead to unwanted risks. Hence, in this article, we shall see the reason why concrete cracks and what are the types of cracks. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin our journey…

Why do concrete cracks?

Concrete is a mixture of paste and rocks which are used for better bonding purposes, and sometimes they crack due to external effects or due to some other factor. We have mentioned the factors below by which concrete may crack.

  •  Excess of Water 

During the mixing of concrete, the worker may pour more water into the mix to make it easier while pasting it on the slabs which may later be a problem.

  •  Lack of Water

Yes, you heard it right. Even lack of water may cause the concrete to crack or sudden dryness. Concrete needs enough water to get stronger and this happens slowly.

  •  Incorrect pouring of concrete

While constructing a structure the builder must pour cement equally to the entire building or else it may end up in unequal stress distribution.

Types of Concrete Cracks


#1 Hairline cracks

These cracks occur if the concrete is poured too quickly or mixed poorly while constructing a building. This type of crack may not end up cracking the whole building but leakage issues may occur.

#2 Vertical cracks

Vertical cracks occur when the building is constructed with poor steel installations. These vertical cracks are often seen in multiples. Hence, Sugna TMT is striving hard to produce some of the finest quality TMT bars.

#3 Settlement crack

These cracks rarely appear when the soil underneath the concrete is not even. This may appear in the later stages of the building, not in the beginning.


We know that concrete is the best part of our construction and to protect the bonding from these types of cracks, one must make sure to follow all the steps needed. At Sugna TMT, we take all the required measures to manufacture TMT bars. Call us today on 1800 1036 176 or mail us at [email protected] to know more.