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What Are Mini Steel Plants?


Steel plants are one of the pillars of our nation as they provide strength and financial aid to make our economy strong and self-sufficient. Due to the export of steel, it is seen that many industries can survive and grow in terms of maximizing their production by using steel as raw material. Steel plants are a feeder for every other secondary-based industry. 

One of the most known steel plant types is the Mini Steel plant. Do you know what mini steel plants are? No. Don’t worry, we are here to share all essential details about steel plants including mini steel plants. 

What are steel plants?

Steel plants not only help in improving exports for the nation but also help to eradicate poverty and provide employment. Sugna TMT has been one of those industries that have always encouraged their workers in terms of every aspect and have made them skilled and more learned than before. We are one of the top manufacturing industries in the entire country.

Types of steel plants

Several steel industries are varying in size, capacity, and production rate. In today’s world, we come across many mini steel plants many of us might not know what are they and what their importance is in this global market. Steel plants are categorized into two various types which are

  • Integrated steel plant 
  • Mini steel plant

Integrated steel plants are the biggest steel plants that can produce or manufacture steel in tons per day by using raw material as Iron ore. These plants are situated according to geographical locations where they get easy access to raw materials. Hence, they establish industries in and around a mining area so that transportation of raw materials becomes easier.

What are mini steel plants?


The mini steel plant is one of the easiest steel plants to establish when compared to integrated steel plants and does not have to be situated according to the geographical location of iron ore. These kinds of steel plants use scraps, leftovers, and pig iron from the integrated steel plants as raw materials for their industries.

They are small and decentralized secondary units that can produce enough steel using sponge iron. Using leftover irons these steel plants are capable of manufacturing alloys and various other kinds of steel. 

Advantages of Mini steel plant over another steel plant

Mini steel plants have many advantages over another steel plant type. Some of them are listed below. 

#1 Electric Furnaces

Mini steel plants use electric furnaces as a source of power and eliminate the usage of coming coal which are very hard to find these days. 

#2  Low investment

This kind of steel plant does not need much of an investment as they use electric furnaces and scraps to manufacture alloys or other metals.

#3 Geographical location

To establish, a mini steel plant one need not worry about geographical location as it uses accessible scraps from integrated steel plants that can be obtained easily everywhere and from any part of the country.

#4 Reduction of transportation cost

As these mini steel plants can be situated anywhere, they are chosen to be located near industrial towns villain ages where it becomes easier for transporting scraps from the integrated steel plants. Thus, reducing the transportation cost.

#5 Less pollution

Mini steel plants use an electric furnace to source their power and do not use cooking coal. As the coal is not burnt the pollution arising from it is eliminated and keeps the environment around it clean and fresh.


Mini steel plants are one of the easiest industries that can be established anywhere with very less investment compared to integrated steel plants. Sugna TMT has always encouraged such ideas to make the manufacturing of steel even more efficient than before. We at Sugna TMT believe in providing the best service possible. To know more, about us you can call us 180030101604  or mail us at [email protected]