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YS (Yield stress) in TMT Bars


We have come across a variety of steel bars in the city and every steel bar has its own unique features. Getting to know about such products has always excited us, as it is used in the buildings that have to stand with us for a very long time. 

Every building has its own unique structures and designs that attract everyone and pleasure the owner. Each and every structure has different bases and regions. There are some regions where the building must firmly hold the ground even in times of earthquake or any other sudden vibrations etc. Thus, YS (Yield stress) comes into the picture. 

It is found that the buildings constructed with TMT bars of good YS remain unaffected or less affected during earthquakes or similar natural hazards. This assures the life and property safety of the owner.

Every TMT bar must be able to absorb a high amount of yield stress and this can only be attained by quality manufacturing. Speaking about quality, Sugna TMT with our highly equipped to provide higher YS in TMT bars for construction. For more information, please visit

Here, we shall know what YS is and how it works when coming to TMT bars. Let’s get going!!

Yield Strength in TMT Bars


What is YS?

During manufacturing when TMT bars are stressed in low tension, the bar comes back to its original position unless Yield stress is applied, also that the TMT bar does not return to its original shape after the stress applied on the bar is realized. This also helps the bar to withstand more stress.

In simple words, external stress is applied at maximum until the shape of the bar changes permanently.

Why do we YS?

YS is very necessary to do any product which has to carry enormous amounts of stress every day. When designing a component knowledge of the material is quite important to know whether the product can withstand the applied force. It is also important to design the technique at which the rate of production has to take place.

Different YS of TMT bars

As there are many types of TMT bars we shall see a few of which YS is mentioned.

#1  Fe 415 – 415 N/mm2

#2  Fe 415 D – 415 N/mm2

#3  Fe 500 – 500 N/mm2 etc.

Every TMT bar is tested in UTM (Universal Testing Machine) where all the tests are carried out. At Sugna TMT, we have a variety of TMT bars that can suit your requirement. We carry out YS as per the product manufacturing.

YS and elongation are very much important to build a structure that can last long. YS is also very important in the construction of structures especially in the regions of plastic. When any unforeseen impacts such as earthquake, fire, or flood occur then the plastic region must be able to absorb the energy released externally under all circumstances.


Considering all the above points we can conclude that YS plays a very important role in the field of manufacturing and provides the proper knowledge to the manufacturers before the production of the material.

At Sugna TMT, we make sure to study the material thoroughly and then move forward. We aim for a better tomorrow. Contact us today to get your TMT bar!!