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Things To Know About FE-500 & FE-500D Bars


A family living in a dream house of their own, beautifully built, living happily ever after. Isn’t this a short perfect story we all once dreamt of and want it to be true? Having a house is quite normal but having a house with strength and durability is very rare.

Houses built by TMT bars can guarantee you not only strength but various other factors too. You must be wondering that there are many number of TMT bars and how to choose the right bar for our homes. No need to worry, we at Sugna TMT is here to help you out. Sugna TMT is the one of the best TMT manufacturers in the country and is assured to provide quality bars.

There are two main TMT bars that are used widely these days, FE-500 & FE 500D bars. These bars are of the best quality and are long-lasting compared to other bars. Let’s know about these bars a little more.

What are TMT Bars?

Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) or also called Metallurgical process. These bars are manufactured from iron ore, coal, and dolomite, and go through a series of treatments such as water quenching, self temping, atmospheric cooling, and so on which make the bar the strongest among all.

Why are these bars more important than others?


#1 Resistance to earthquake 

Due to their unique manufacturing process, these TMT bars are soft from the core and harder from the outside. These types of bars help the structure to remain calm and unshakable during earthquakes.

#2 Corrosion resistant

As these bars go through thermo-mechanical treatment they are rust and corrosion-free bars. Thus, these bars can be used at high humidity places or in any weather season of the country.

#3 Highly flexible

As the core of these bars is soft, they can be easily bent to any shape without using any high-end machines. Hence, these bars help to build houses with any modern design as needed.

#4 Fire Resistant

TMT bars are highly thermal resistant as they can resist 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. Hence, these TMT bars are widely used in any civil projects across the country.

#5 High fatigue resistant

Having to go through a special process of heating and cooling of the iron, these TMT bars have a high strength to withstand enormous weight for a long period.

Difference between  FE-500 and FE-500D

Here are the top 4 differences between Fe 500d and Fe 500d.

#1 Elongation

In simple words, elongation means, how much a TMT bar can be stretched in terms of length, and the FE-500D TMT bar have a minimum percentage of 16% of elongation

Whereas the FE-500 TMT bar has a minimum 12% of elongation.

#2 Chemical composition

FE-500D TMT bar consists of a maximum of 0.25% of carbon. In this type of TMT Sulphur and Phosphorus content is much lower compared to FE-500 which helps to prevent rusting and earthquake resistant

When it comes to the FE-500 TMT bar, it has a maximum of 0.30% of carbon 

#3 Application

As TMT FE-500D has more strength compared to FE-500, these bars are used to construct big structures such as bridges, dams, towers, windmills, highways, etc. Whereas FE-500 is mainly used in house construction or apartments which can provide high durability.

We at Sugna TMT are best at providing FE-500 and FE-500D TMT bars in Hyderabad with low cost and high quality to your doorstep.

#4 Ductility

Compared to FE-500, FE-500D TMT bars have much higher properties of ductility and have balanced mechanical properties too.

Properties of FE-500 and FE-500D TMT bars

FE-500 TMT has superior quality as it goes through quenching, cooling, and self tempering making the bar perfect for any type of construction. These bars also have high weldability, strength, and flexibility.

FE-500D manufactured with the Thermax process has a fine grain multiphase composite structure which helps in greater strength at any season.

Both the TMT bars have superior earthquake resistance due to their high energy absorption capability. It also provides strength to absorb any natural calamities that take place.

These TMT bars are used in high-level construction as they can withstand a great amount of stress; FE-500 has 540 N/mm2 of stress-proof, whereas in FE-500D it has about 560 N/mm2 without having to fear catastrophic rupture. Hence, these bars can also be used in sewage and tunnel construction.


After all the above-mentioned, we can conclude by saying that TMT bars are a wonder among other bars and can be used in any field of construction with utmost trust in the quality. Both FE-500 and FE-500D TMT bars are superior in their own ways. 

We at Sugna TMT bars believe in strengthening the world with high-quality TMT bars, so that no construction is weak or fragile. Then what are you waiting for? Contact us today to build your dream home.