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Why to choose TMT Bar over any others?


One of the most pretentious questions that one faces while constructing a new building is about the choice of steel bars that should be used in the building. No doubt, the strength, life span, and other features of the building are going to be determined by the choice of steel, amongst the other things. 

So, if you are looking to construct a new building, you must not go wrong with this decision! But worry not in this post, we discuss the features and properties of TMT steel – one of the best quality steel bars that are available in the market today.  We also tell you why you should choose TMT steel Bars over any others.

So without much adieu, let’s get started! 

Important Features of TMT Bars

  • Flexibility & Elongation  

Construction engineers suggest that flexibility and elongation are two of the most desirable properties of steel bars for modern-day building construction. And guess what? 

TMT steel bars are widely known for the degree of flexibility and elongation that they provide. Believe us, these bars show these properties much more than any of the traditional steel bars, and the secret lies in the composition of TMT steel and its advanced manufacturing process. 

  • Light Weight

Another important feature of TMT steel is that it is lightweight steel. What this essentially means is that it is far easier to transport and install the TMT steel bars, as compared to other kinds of bars. This feature of TMT bars may appear trivial at first, but it goes a long way in ensuring the pace, ease, and cost of building construction. 

Therefore, you should choose TMT steel bars for construction from a good steel plant in hyderabad to save all the hassle of inefficient transportation of heavy-weight bars. 

P.S. Lightweight in no way means a compromise on strength. TMT steel, by its sheer nature, is stronger than traditional steel.

  • Anti Corrosion 

TMT steel bars also show anti-corrosion properties, which is a very important property from the point of view of building lifespan and durability of construction. TMT steel bars do not rust or corrode on coming in contact with the concrete mortar, and hence do not grow weak even after years of construction. 

Most other steel bars do not show this anti-corrosion property, and this should be the reason enough for you to go with TMT steel bars only. 

  • Earthquake Resistance  

Earthquake resistance has to be the essential feature of every modern-day building construction. And earthquake restaurant TMT bars are the single most important building block for construction structures that can withstand the shocks of an earthquake. In fact, the use of TMT steel bars becomes even more important if you are constructing a high-rise building or mega structures such as fams, bridges, shopping complexes, etc. 

  • Easy to Assemble

Given the flexibility, ductility, and elongation that is displayed by TMT steel, the TMT steel bars are far easier to assemble, both at the manufacturing unit and at the construction site. No doubt, this ease of assembling could save a lot of time during the construction, which is a good thing to have. 

  • Value for Money 

Finally, when you weigh in all the features and properties displayed by TMT steel bars and compare them with the other bars in terms of the costs involved, you will find out that TMT steel bars are absolutely the best when it comes to value for money. Deploying TMT steel in construction won’t create a huge difference in your budget, but it will certainly enhance the strength and durability of your building. 

The Bottom Line

TMT steel bars have to be the preferred kind of steel bars to be used in all kinds of modern-day building constructions. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today at SugnaTMT, and let’s discuss your project!